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Captain Marvel #3

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Captain Marvel’s taken up a new profession: thievery! Not that she had much choice in the matter, with Yuna Yang shuttling her to the Negative Zone every time Carol’s do-gooder attitude gets in the way. The Captain’s gotta get these Nega-Bands off so she can reclaim her life, and who better to ask advice from than the Sorcerer Supreme, Clea Strange? But when Yuna’s hands get sticky again, Carol finds herself in the sorcerer’s crosshairs…

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    A momentary respite isn’t as comfortable as expected as ‘Captain Marvel’ #3 throws the mind-linked hero and thief into the lion’s den known as the Sanctum Sanctorum. A magically fun issue that continues to build upon the foundation of the first two, without missing a beat, while giving the characters more room to shine and grow.

  • 80

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Captain Marvel #3 takes a diversion from the main story arc as Yuna faces off with beasts in the Sanctum Sanctorum and we check in on Doctor Strange and Clea. Its a fun story, but I felt Carol resolved a big problem in the issue way too easily. Otherwise, the character interplay was great and the issue ends with a solid cliffhanger.

  • 71

    Comic Watch

    Its a slow start, and as we continue on this journey the nagging questions still remain: why hasnt Carol reached out to someone regarding her current situation, where shes forced to trade places with Yuna in the Negative Zone, or what exactly is up with the the Nega Bands. Its a great premise, but the team keeps missing the mark when it comes with each new issue.

  • 70

    Captain Marvel has always had a love hate relationship with the world of magic, and that’s led to some truly wonderful moments along the way. Case in point, Captain Marvel #3, which puts Carol and Yuna on a collision course with Doctor Strange and Clea, and the results are delightful. Writer Alyssa Wong creates some of the issue’s best moments when Carol, Strange, and Clea reunite, and much of the time it’s the tiny things happening as the story continues to move forward that really shine. Little touches from artists Ruairi Coleman and Jan Bazaldua and colorist Bryan Valenza bring a lovely charm and light to the issue’s superhero action focus, and yes, Bats is pure joy in every scene he’s in. The Nega Bands themselves and their link to Omen and the Negative Zone are the elements that so far are not as compelling as everything else, so at the moment, those areas of the book tend to bring down the momentum. It does seem that some big answers are on the horizon, and once some of those questions are answered, those areas of the book should fall right into place.

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