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Captain Marvel #2

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When cat burglar Yuna Yang set out to steal the legendary Nega-Bands, she was looking for a quick paycheck. What she got was a free ticket to the Negative Zone and permanent entanglement with Captain Marvel!

Permanent until death, that is. And it doesn’t look like Yuna’s gonna make it to old age – not with new villain, the Omen, hot on her tail and hungry for the Bands’ power!

Alyssa Wong and Jan Bazaldua establish a new status quo and a cosmic mystery with shocking revelations!

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  • 90


    There’s not a lot of time to really digest a new status quo as ‘Captain Marvel’ #2 throws the hero and her reluctant partner for a loop. A whole lot of colorful, energetic, compelling superhero fun that reminds us why Captain Marvel remains one of the company’s top modern heroes.
  • 90

    Major Spoilers

    I enjoyed what was established by Alyssa Wong in the previous issue and I really enjoyed the way that she built on that framework. Yuna continues to be an interesting character who interacts with Carol in a fun way, who by way still gets to be powerful even with the new restrictions on her powers. The only complaint I have here is that the plot does feel a little by the numbers. Other than that, this is just a really good comic book.
  • 80

    One of the biggest changes in Captain Marvel's new series is the comic book's supporting cast, and it's always a bit dicey to switch up something that works to try something untested. The risk is paying off though, as writer Alyssa Wong has already found a welcome rhythm for Carol Danvers and Yuna Yang. Yang has already mastered the ability of calling out Carol's habits and tendencies, and that accountability has always been important to Carol's friendships with other characters. The book also shakes up Carol's rogues gallery, and while Omen doesn't appear much in the issue, her presence is clearly felt. Omen's power set brings a refreshingly off kilter threat into Carol's orbit, and that threat is conveyed beautifully by artist Jan Bazaldua and colorist Bryan Valenza. The swapping places aspect to all this is also carving out its own path apart from The Marvels, and the series is also successfully finding its own space within the Captain Marvel mythos. The vision is starting to become much clearer, and we seem to be in store for one hell of a ride.
  • 52

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