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Captain Marvel #1

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Based on 14 critic ratings.


The Captain gets a permanent glow-up designed by superstar artist Jen Bartel!

And that’s not all that’s changed.

Brand-new look – brand-new creative team – and a brand-new status quo.

Carol Danvers is one of the powerhouses of the Marvel Universe, a woman capable of harnessing the energy of the sun. So if you’re coming for Earth? She’s the first one you take off the board. Someone’s figured just how to do just that. Introducing a new supporting cast and villains both beloved and dangerously fresh,

Alyssa Wong and Jan Bazaldua’s exhilarating series kicks off here!

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14 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 90


    It’s a whole new ballgame as ‘Captain Marvel’ #1 brings some changes for its title character, including new allies and foes as well as a shiny new status quo. Action-packed and fun from the first page, this debut issue comes to play with all the right energy that’ll keep our hero flying high.

  • 90

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Captain Marvel #1 is a great kick-off to the new series. It introduces a fantastic new nemesis for Carol in The Omen, hints at even more villains to come, gives us some exhilarating fight scenes and ends with a chilling cliffhanger. Recommended.

  • 90


    Captain Marvel #1 is a great start, with a fast pace and good character work that’s efficient. Your interest will pique thanks to new characters and a fun body-swapping plot that smartly connects to the upcoming The Marvels movie.

  • 90

    But Why Tho?

    Captain Marvel #1 brings old stories back for new characters. Evolving the concept for this particular Captain Marvel generates a fascinating twist to the tale, and the book itself is fresh. Carol is the tether to ground the book as everything else is original and introduced within this first issue, allowing the rest of the comic to expand. Baaldua is a superb artist, and the new design has a lot to love within it. The attitude is always awesome, shared around the three main characters, with some abrasive dialogue that instantly forges energy.

  • 90

    First Comics News

    Alyssa Wong and Jan Bazaldua take over the title to herald the good captain to a new era. I have to say that I’m impressed. Wong clearly knows how to write a flawless superhero story instead of the “let’s be funny for the sake of being funny” aspect that she utilized in her ‘Deadpool” run and while her new costume and a lot that feels quite similar to “The Marvels” (Isn’t it weird that Marvel put out the first issue of this series a month before “The Marvels” hits theaters- Coincidence?! Maybe!); The introduction of a new villain known as The Omen looks promising and the new energy that Wong brings with her script is welcoming for anyone that’s looking for a good cosmic epic and while Kelly Thompson was a tough act to follow, it looks like Alyssa Wong is more than willing to make her mark on this title. Good luck!

  • 80

    A new era begins in Captain Marvel #1, a series from writer Alyssa Wong, artist Jan Bazaldua, colorist Bryan Valenza, and letterer Ariana Maher, and it’s off to quite the stellar start. The series begins with an arc titled “The Omen,” sharing a name with the series’ intriguing new antagonist, but that’s not the only evident synergy. The first issue establishes a core plot concept that is incredibly similar to what’s already been seen of The Marvels. Thankfully, the series doesn’t seem to be utilizing that concept in the exact same way, and the introduction of another character has already introduced some welcome new energy into the mix. That individuality will be an important factor in future issues, as the ingredients for another adventure-filled run are all right here, and I can’t wait to see what the series has in store from here.

  • 80


    Psychic bond, quantum entanglement, trips to the negative zone…Wong and team have kicked off Carol’s next chapter with an action-packed issue and some exciting new characters. Carol is one of the strongest superheroes taking on the biggest, baddest villains like Thanos, so I am eager to see what our new big bad, The Omen, has in store for Earth’s mightiest hero. The added twist of the entanglement between Yuna Yang and Captain Marvel is going to make for some interesting showdowns. I can’t wait to see what Wong has lined up for us next.

  • 80

    Derby Comics

    Alyssa Wong’s first foray with Carol Danvers had me thinking I was reading a compendium to next month’s The Marvels based on what we know of that movie’s plots so far. Things start to diverge as Wong gets into the thick of things and introduces two new characters who appear to offer a lot of potential for future storytelling. Carol’s new costume may be the best thing about the new series. It’s something that feels wholly unique from other superhero outfits, yet it immediately feels perfectly appropriate for the titular character. Jan Bazaldua’s art ensure it looked great on it’s own and in action sequences — never once looking like it would impede or get in the way. After this debut issue, the creative team showed they’re more than up to the task of taking over from the reigns for Earth’s Mightiest Hero, but they still have a long way to go to match Kelly Thompson’s historic 50-issue prior run.

  • 77

    Comic Watch

    Captain Marvel #1 blips by at a rockets pace, kicking off Carol’s new run with an exciting yet shallow story that excels in action, but leaves room to be desired when it comes to world and character building. However, there is a lot of headroom for those latter narrative weaknesses to become stronger as Wong and Bazaldua’s run continues. Longtime fans of not just Carol, but Genis-Vell will get something extra out of this debut issue that shows how the team plans to play with the titles long history.

  • 77

    Major Spoilers

    Captain Marvel is a character that creators seem to have a difficult time doing interesting things with. So to see this new creative team take an ambitious approach to the fundamentals of the character is enjoyable. There are some plotting problems here, but for the most part, it succeeds in what it’s trying to do. Plus, Carol looks great.

  • 72

    Geek'd Out

    If you’re a fan of the character and want to get excited for her next big MCU appearance, then Captain Marvel #1 is definitely worth a look.

  • 70

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: The story is interesting and there is some great action in it. Unfortunately, the thing that I don’t like about the story is what permeates throughout the first issue. Having Carol forced to be bonded to Yuna is a miss in my opinion. It reduces Carol’s character to a supporting role in her own story while elevating a character that doesn’t seem to be able to stand on her own without Carol. The dynamic doesn’t have anything new or fresh about it and becomes annoying quickly.

    The Art: Bazaldua delivers some great art in the issue. I love the visual style and how it crafts the characters. I love the new look for Carol as well.

  • 70

    Comic Book Revolution

    Captain Marvel #1 was a solid start to Alyssa Wong and Jan Bazaldua run as the new creative team. Both Carol Danvers and her new nemesis conflict was established well out of the gate. As long as this tone is continued Wong and Bazaldua’s Captain Marvel can compete for Marvel’s most fun series.

  • 55

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

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