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Captain Marvel #50

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It has been an impossible journey – one that’s taken Carol Danvers across time and space and pitted her against enemies new and old. Superstar writer Kelly Thompson has run Marvel’s premier heroine through the gauntlet, and now the boss of space burns brighter than ever. No one believed she would get this far. But that’s the power of Captain Marvel and her Carol Corps: They will never give up. Higher, further, faster – to the very end.

Do not miss this capstone to a record-breaking run as Thompson puts her final fingerprints on Earth’s Mightiest Hero!

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    Sometimes I lament that comics just don’t seem to have lengthier runs and are cut short. You rarely see series make it to issue #50, let alone get the chance to wrap up their run instead of being cut off abruptly. I’m so glad Captain Marvel was the rare modern comic series to make it four years strong. Kelly Thompson has so much to be proud of with this run and Carol fans have had so much to love in the last four years.

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    It’s been a wild ride over the course of 50 issues, but over that time fans have had the opportunity to really get to know Carol Danvers in a way we never really have before. Not just Captain Marvel mind you, but Carol, the pure force of will that is behind all that power. It’s fitting then that Captain Marvel #50 is a celebration of who Carol has become and who she’s had an affect on during Kelly Thompson’s outstanding run. A hallmark of this run has been Carol’s delightful supporting cast, and they are right alongside her in the finale, as they absolutely should be. Carol’s friends and allies are at this point a part of the book’s DNA, and seeing Jessica, Jennifer, Lauri-Ell, Rhodey, Kamala, Monica, and more all share in Carol’s pain while doing their best to help her process her grief is part of what brings this journey full circle. Right from the beginning, every moment carries the weight of Binary’s death, and yet the book allows itself to embrace lighthearted banter and fun to keep things from becoming too dour, and the work of artists Javier Pina and David Lopez, as well as colorist Yen Nitro and letterer Clayton Cowles cannot be commended enough in that regard. When the fists do fly, the team knows how to deliver, and yet some of the most powerful moments are quieter conversations that are quite revelatory. There was a part of me that was rooting for a particular ending, and while that didn’t happen, it’s probably for the better, making what has come before that much more impactful. Captain Marvel #50 is understandably heavy at times, but also brilliantly funny and hopeful, and it’s a lovely conclusion to what will be considered a classic run on the character. Higher, Further, Faster indeed.

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    But Why Tho?

    Captain Marvel #50 manages to bring all the core elements of Thompson’s run together one last time to allow each character to have a perfectly thought-out and executed moment. The emotion, friendship, and power of Earth’s Mightiest Hero have always been a bright spot in this series. Thanks to one final performance from Thompson and company, it got to shine beautifully, one last time.

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    Comic Watch

    Kelly got her start as a staff writer for comic website CBR, and from there would crowdfund her own novel, start to pick up jobs from various publishers, and even work on the Carol Corps mini from Marvel was a part of the Secret Wars storyline. Marvel was gearing up for Carol’s big screen debut, brought Kelly on, and teamed her up with rising star artist Carmen Carnero, and what these two had was magic. A lot of fans deride Kelly’s first arc, but not me. Kelly brought in a classic, yet oft-forgotten villain, Nuclear Man, aka Mahkizmo. An unabashed misogynist, who abducted a bunch of super-powered women, and tried to subjugate them to assert his dominance. He was a walking stereotype of toxic masculinity, and it set off a bunch of alarms from some men who felt as if she were referencing them and then began to belittle her, criticizing her abilities, as a way to assuage their bruised egos. Even then, Kelly took little note of those who were expressing their dissatisfaction with the run with Kelly herself.


    If I have any complaints, it’s the fact that I’m not sure Kelly was ready to leave yet. It feels like she’s got so much more to say when it comes to Carol and her world. Whether that’s following up on what she wants to do with Ove, and the Enchantress, Binary, Vox Supreme, Star, and so on. Regardless, Kelly nails this ending of an era for me, because she genuinely loves and respects who Carol is, who her closest friends and allies are, and Carol’s fans. She makes sure that she’s giving Carol the respect that she’s earned over the last half century, and giving her a clean slate for the next creative team to do what they will, but having a strong foundation to walk on.

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    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Kelly Thompson is the reason I got back into reading Captain Marvel as a series. Her ability to infuse Carol with humanity, humor, edge, agency, passion, emotional and power made this series a fun and entertaining read. This issue encompasses all of those things in a story about Carol dealing with grief with the help of her friends. It showcases her vulnerability as well as her determination in a story that is fun, heartwarming and engaging. Thompson ends this run on a high note and I love seeing Carol come through her personal struggles with a new determination.

    The Art: Pina and Lopez deliver some beautifully detailed and visually engaging art throughout the issue. The characters look amazing and both artists nail the tone of the story visually.

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    Comic Crusaders

    Truth be told, I am starting to feel a little singled out by Marvel. It seems that they cancel all the books I liked; Mockingbird, Black Cat, Spider-Woman, Black Cat again, Spider-Woman again and now Captain Marvel. What is it with Marvel, are my English pounds not good enough for you? Better watch out Avengers fans as I have started buying that book recently! Still, this time at least, Marvel are going to the restart model, with a new Captain Marvel book and creative team due to hit next month. As for Kelly Thompson its off to DC and a new Birds of Prey book.

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    Major Spoilers

    It’s easy to be tempted to write off the ending of an arc as just “putting the toys back in the box,” but Captain Marvel #50 gives Colonel Danvers time to work out her fears, deal with her family and friends, and also come to terms with her doubts as a hero, refusing to simply negate anything for the sake of continuity, and does it with good-looking art. I’m not 100% clear on whether the next issue of Captain Marvel will be a new number one or a continuation, but Carol’s in a good place to take on any challenges to come.

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