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Captain Marvel #43

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Horror In The Stars!

Many experiences honed Carol Danvers into the Captain Marvel she is today. Some of them are beautiful stories, and and some of them are horror stories! This is the latter.

Join superstar scribe Kelly Thompson and “Last of the Marvels” artist Sergio Dávila as Carol and some eXciting guest stars come together on a mission in the stars that will change everything for Captain Marvel!

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4 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 90

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Thompson delivers a thrilling and entertaining beginning of a new arc for Carol. The story has a great mixture of humor, thrills and adventure. Thompson does a great job with the interpersonal relationships between characters and I love how grounded a character Carol is while getting more insight into her and her thoughts. I am excited about this arc and look forward to seeing how it evolves. The Art: Davila delivers some great art in the issue. The visuals are thrilling, fun and beautifully detailed.
  • 84

    Comic Watch

    Three years in, and Kelly doesn’t seem like she’s ready to slow down. This run is often touted as the longest running Capt. Marvel run of the Carol era, and it’s easy to see why. Kelly’s dry humor, and deadpan delivery has really struck a cord with Carol’s very dedicated fandom, and having Sergio back for a second round is just using on the cake. Give. Me. More.
  • 80


    Captain Marvel has been one of the most consistent comics Marvel has released in the past few years, thanks to Kelly Thompson’s sharp writing and thoughtful character exploration. While it isn’t redefining the lore with any huge shake-ups, the most amazing part of Captain Marvel is that it just feels like a fun, classic kind of comic with long-term development that you rarely get in comics these days. With so many comics being limited runs and/or canceled early, a lot of series only get one arc, which often is pretty heavy but Captain Marvel can actually afford to have those more lighthearted issues and plots that are just a team of heroes fighting a villain. It’s great. (...) The ending of the issue lands on an exciting note, building excitement for the next issue. Sergio Davila’s art brings this issue to life, making every set piece look exactly how it should. His art is eye-catching and it’s particularly nice to see the X-Men in their civvies again for the first portion of the book. The art also does an exceptional job with the characters’ facial expressions, always making them expressive so you know exactly what they’re feeling.
  • 80

    Few things are as entertaining as a good Captain Marvel team-up with the X-Men, and that's exactly what kicks off in Captain Marvel #43, "Revenge of the Brood." As the title suggests, writer Kelly Thompson brings together two long-held elements of Carol's past together for this next arc, and it's the sort of classic team-up story that introduces some new connections into the mix while also still feeling like a Captain Marvel story through and through. The involvement of Spider-Woman, Rhodes, and Hazmat goes a long way in this regard, and Thompson knows how to mine their variety of random observations for comedic gold. The artwork of penciller Sergio Davila, colorist Arif Prianto, and inker Sean Parsons shines brightest when the X-Men enter the fray, and if that last page is anything to go by, they are more than perfect for this Brood-centric story. At times certain characters, namely Cyclops and War Machine, look just a little off, but otherwise, the artwork is solid and especially stellar when a fight kicks into gear. I couldn't be more excited to see where this goes, and it's a perfect time for a Captain Marvel and X-Men adventure

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