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Captain Marvel #42

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Though Carol has had more than enough of being judged lately, there’s no escaping THIS Judgment Day as it determines whether Earth lives or dies.

But as Carol and Lauri-Ell give their heroic best to prove their worth an… unexpected new player emerges.

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6 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    Comic Crusaders

    I am not a huge fan of the A.X.E event, having read a couple of issues from the main arc (don’t get me started about the resurrection of Steve Rogers) and a number of tie-in books. This issue is on par with the Amazing Spider-Man issue, though without the pathos that goes hand-in-hand with Peter Parker. Instead, Thompson manages to keep Carol on her toes through the continued us of her supporting cast, be they sister, friend or even cat / Flerkin.

  • 91

    Comic Watch

    Thompson continues to show why shes become one of the most prolific, and popular female writers currently doing work for the big two. Using her patented humor, she continues to write one of the most fun takes on Captain Marvel since the Peter David run featuring Genis and Rick Jones. Two thumbs way up

  • 88

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Thompson crafts an engaging story that has some unexpected and entertaining twists within it. I love that the story begins with the characters immersed in the action and how both of them recognize they are being judged. I also liked how the story changes focus to another character and how that character interacts not only with the world of the characters, but also the bigger arc the story is connected to.

    The Art: Di Vito delivers some beautifully detailed art that does a wonderful job of showcasing the characters in the story and I loved everything that Chewie does in the story visually.

  • 75

    Comic Book Revolution

    Captain Marvel enters A.X.E.: Judgment Day at an awkward time. That is because the majority of tie-ins to A.X.E.: Judgment Day have centered around Progenitor making his judgment on all the Marvel Universe characters. But unlike others, Carol Danvers is coming off a story arc that was based around being placed on the trial of a magic council Carol ultimately proved herself, with the Scarlet Witch’s help, that she is an ultimate hero.

    Because of that, I’m glad Kelly Thompson found a way to pivot the story to not be centered around Carol Danvers for Captain Marvel #42. Instead, this issue focused on Carol’s pet alien cat Chewy. This gave Thompson the opportunity to be more creative with the storytelling of how you tell a story around Progenitor making a judgment of whether a pet is worthy in their eyes. It certainly added to Chewy as a supporting character you want to see Carol simply interacting with more in casual settings.

    But what really made Captain Marvel #42 work as well as it did was Andrea Di Vito’s artwork. With the lead character not voicing any dialogue, it was even more key to nailing the character presented. That is where Di Vito’s artwork stands out as the different ways Chewie express himself from the facial expressions to the use of their powers worked well to keep the story moving forward.

    Kelly Thompson and Andrea Di Vito take the concept of A.X.E.: Judgment Day to create a fun story around Chewie, Carol Danvers pet alien cat. Vito’s artwork in particular is a standout in making this one of the best tie-in comics to A.X.E.: Judgment Day.

  • 70

    Captain Marvel #42 definitely feels like a tie-in to A.X.E., but it has some fun with the larger premise and keeps the focus on the delightful series cast. Writer Kelly Thompson keeps the whole Celestial judgery thing in the background and directly alludes to it but the bulk of the issue is really just focused on Carol and Lauri-Ell’s lovely dynamic and the adorable problem solver that is Chewie. Artist Andrea Di Vito and colorist Nolan Woodard maximize these moments throughout, and this version of Chewie might just be the cutest ever. That’s what makes his little adventures through the building so fun, as you bounce from Chewie porting a pissy boyfriend to a dumpster to a sweet scene where Chewie is comforting a frightened Kit, and then the team is dishing out thrilling action sequences with big pops of color at the same time. Now, this doesn’t really move Carol’s individual story or arc further, and aside from learning if someone is worthy or not, it doesn’t greatly affect A.X.E. either. Despite that forward movement I greatly enjoyed this fun trip down Chewie lane, and any major fans of the character will find a lot of fun to be had if they decide to pick this up.

  • 70

    Geek'd Out

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