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Captain Marvel #24

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Captain Marvel finds new allies in this strange new world — but is she sending them to their deaths? As the secrets behind Ove and his stronghold are revealed, Carol and her team find themselves dramatically outgunned. Meanwhile, the mysteries surrounding how and why Carol is here begin to reveal themselves — and they’re not what anyone expected!

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  • 95


    As far as current Marvel titles go, Captain Marvel is consistently one of the best. Thompson’s writing is quick-witted, funny, and emotional, and Garbett’s pencils get the job done with an extra bang. Seeing how this arc ends and seeing what Thompson does next with the character are two very exciting inevitabilities for the future.

  • 89

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Kelly Thompson crafts a great story full of suspense and surprises. Ove is an interesting character and his interactions with Carol are tense and engaging. There are some great moments throughout this story and the dialogue is well done. Ove’s back story is great as well and pivots beautifully into the revelations of how he powers his city as well as who his mother is and what part she plays in his plans.

    The Art: Garbett and Ortega bring some great visuals to this issue. The contrast is styles is well executed and both parts of the story meld together seamlessly. A great looking issue.

  • 80

    Sometimes it’s not whether or not you know what’s coming, but more about what happens along the way, and nowhere is that more apparent than in Captain Marvel #24. The more Carol, Emma, Brigid, and the rest of the crew get to know about OVE and this new sanctuary, the more apparent it becomes that something is off. Writer Kelly Thompson plants the seeds throughout the issue and at least one aspect of the book’s ending won’t shock you, though Thompson does an amazing job of keeping the focus on Carol’s team and their reactions to what comes next as opposed to the twist itself, allowing you to stay immersed even if you can see what’s coming. Visually artists Lee Garbett, Belen Ortega, and colorist Antonio Fabela deliver some splendid expression work between the cast, highlighting the delightful banter further, though they’re also more than up to the task when all hell breaks loose. One of the biggest highlights of this arc though continues to be the team of heroes Thompson’s assembled, and after meeting all these wonderful characters it’s going to be hard to eventually say goodbye, and fingers crossed we don’t have to completely when all is said and done.

  • 80

    Black Nerd Problems

    Kelly Thompson has been great writing Captain Marvel and this arc has been no different. Her sense of humor is up there with any writer on the Marvel roster right now and her ability to use old heroes/villains or create brand new ones appears to be endless. Belen Ortega, Lee Garbett, Antonio Fabela, and Clayton Cowles all do a really nice job of bringing us the events that are currently happening, as well as a vivid depiction of flashback events. The contrast of the old world, decrepit new world and utopian look of New Atlantis all combine to create a beautiful book.

    I really enjoyed the late issue unveilings and cant wait to check back in next month to see how this all shakes out. I hope Kelly Thompson enjoys a really lengthy run on this book because there has nary been a bad issue and Captain Marvel #24 is no different!

  • 70

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    This was an OK issue. Carol and her team did too many stupid things just to progress the plot in my opinion. I thought the Flashback art by Ortega looked better than Garbett’s for some reason and I love Garbett’s art normally. He just doesn’t seem to be hitting on all cylinders for me on this arc, not like he was on the Last Avenger arc. It might be because everything feels like we are just walking around in an apocalyptic hell. This issues story was just too predictable it was frustrating. I was yelling at the page like some cheesy 80’s horror movie, “NO DON”T GO IN THERE WHAT ARE YOU DOING!”

  • 60

    Comic Book Revolution

  • 60

    You Don't Read Comics

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