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Captain Marvel #10

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It’s official: New hero STAR is in and CAPTAIN MARVEL is out! As Carol struggles to deal with her changing role and unravel the mystery of what is happening to her powers, a risky new alliance she’s forged may turn out to be even more dangerous than she expected. Will Carol be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to save a world that has turned on her?

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    Captain Marvel #10 delivers several big time revelations about what’s been happening to Carol, and it’s clear that Kelly Thompson knows what makes Minn-Erva so compelling as a villain. Her motivations allow quite a bit of grey to seep into her actions, and those more extreme methods play extremely well against Carol’s more altruistic traits. The identity of Star receives a solid payoff as well, but again, this sequence shines because the Star’s true attitudes are revealed and contrasted against Carol’s as opposed to just the simple shock value of who it is. Carmen Carnero and Tamra Bonvillain are on their A game here as well, delivering in both the intimate conversations and the city to space spanning battles alike. If you want to know what makes Captain Marvel a hero, look no further.

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    But Why Tho?

    As I finished my reading of Captain Marvel #10 I found myself even more eager than usual for next month’s issue. This entire storyline has been wonderful and this issue further adds to that greatness with its character moments and a finale that sets up a magnificent finish. If you love stories where the struggles faced by the hero is as much without as within you need to be reading Captain Marvel.

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    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: The trauma of Carol having her powers stolen by someone else is a plot point that continues to have resonance for both the character and the reader. Kelly Thompson does an amazing job of bringing that story new life and allowing Carol to be open about that trauma. Thompson’s writing allows Carol to express that emotional truth and transcend it rather than be a victim of it. I really enjoyed the way this issue was plotted and how the story unfolded both in the dialogue and the action. There are some great complex character moments that both Carol and Minerva have in this issue and the story culminates in a great ending that makes me want to know what happens next.

    The Art: Carmen Carnero’s art is fantastic. She is able to bring out the character’s emotions through the art with some great facial expressions and dramatic panels. I really loved the fight towards the end of the issue because it conveyed power, energy and tension. A great looking issue.

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    You Don't Read Comics

    While this isnt the first time Carols had her powers drained, this is a refreshing take on the plot thats going to have far-reaching effects on her life.

  • 88

    Comic Watch

    Captain Marvel #10 is a solid continuation, despite being burdened by one too many moving pieces. While the arc as a whole will certainly prove to be worthwhile for its heart alone, this issue contained too many crucial moments that simply needed more time to develop.

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