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Captain America: Symbol Of Truth #14

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Fresh from the battle with Bucky Barnes and White Wolf, Sam Wilson returns home to Harlem with battle scars and a renewed sense of focus. With Misty Knight by his side, he sets out to forge a new path – and maybe reunite with some old friends along the way.

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  • 87

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Onyebuchi crafts a great personal story for both Sam and Joaquin in this issue. The grounded tone of the story is a great break from the bigger Outer Circle and White Wolf arcs and shows the aftermath of both heroes’ struggles. I liked seeing Sam out of his comfort zone though the joker were a little cringe, but it was still fun. I liked giving Joaquin’s story more substance and how both characters ultimately come together in a great moment between them.

    The Art: Ze Carlos offers some beautifully detailed art and I love the bright, vibrant tone of the visuals as Sam has to deal with being in the light of family and community. The contrast with Joaquin living in the seclusion and darkness because of his ordeal is a great visual touch.

  • 80


    Sam Wilson’s latest series holding the iconic shield comes to an unceremonious close as the final issue of ‘Captain America: Symbol Of Truth’ has arrived. A solid focus on the title character doesn’t soften the blow that comes with the loss of this series.

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    You Don't Read Comics

    The actual center of the issue’s conflict may not be terribly interesting, but Sam Wilson is, in and of himself, more than enough to carry the bulk of the book straight through. There’s a strong and palpable sense of inner conflict that could easily be the center of everything. That psychological connection between character and reader is often a lot more difficult to achieve than a fully engaging action conflict, so Onyebuchi is doing a solidly respectable job with the title.

  • 80

    First Comics News

  • 80

    Marvel Heroes Library

    An apparent finale centers on Joaquin Torres, the Falcon, whose story has been left hanging while the White Wolf and Cold War have occupied the main story for some time. And it’s nice, showing Sam’s concern for his partner and Joaquin’s fear of losing what makes him special. This emphasis on character as well as action (which this issue is short on) marks the best comics. Presumably all will be resolved in issue #750 or the forthcoming Cap finale.

  • 60

    It appears we’ve hit the end of the road for Captain America: Symbol of Truth. With “Cold War” in the rearview mirror, we spend the majority of time with Sam Wilson outside of the red-white-and-blue costume and shield. After everything that’s going on, it’s nice to see that Joaquin Torres/Falcon’s status hasn’t been forgotten, even if we don’t get a firm conclusion regarding his recent transformation. I will say I will miss this book, especially since there hasn’t been an announcement regarding Sam headlining his own comic book.

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