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Captain America: Sentinel Of Liberty #7

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Based on 8 critic ratings.

Just when Captain America is ready to quit his pursuit of the Outer Circle, he receives intel on their next move – and a reminder that Steve Rogers is never without friends.

Sharon Carter returns to help Steve assemble his allies for a new mission – but some shadows reach farther than even the world’s best spies can predict.

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8 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100


    Sentinel of Libertyhas been, from the start, a force to be reckoned with. The book only gets better with each issue and you can tell this creative team adores the characters they are getting to write. For Captain America fans, this series is once again an absolutemust-buy and if we're lucky, Lanzing, Kelly, and Carnero will get to spearhead more Captain America books in the future.
  • 92

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Lanzing and Kelly continue to craft a compelling and entertaining thriller in this series and I love that the issue takes the time to focus back on Steve and his personal journey. I loved seeing him getting advice from his friends, especially Namor and Sharon and I love that not only did he get an impressive team together, but the writers brilliantly pull the rug out from under the reader with the ending. The Art: Carnero delivers some beautifully thrilling and detailed art throughout the issue. The character designs are fantastic and I love the composition of the Namor scene and the dramatic tension it creates.
  • 80

    Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty kicks off its second arc with Cap bringing in his own allies to fight The Outer Circle. It's a nice reminder that Cap still has plenty of friends who are (almost) as well connected as the grand conspiracy that has been pulling society's strings for the last 100 years. The ending sets up a fun second arc that pits Cap against another familiar foe – a revitalized AIM.
  • 80


    This already excellent ongoing story takes a big step into its next phase, while still keeping characters front and center to the storytelling. That’s my kind of comic.
  • 80

    Marvel Heroes Library

    A new story arc begins with Cap putting together his own secret organization to battle the Outer Circle. And again, the summary page at the beginning clarifies much that was a murky in previous issues, which the authors appear to have assumed made perfect sense. Best part: a nice double page spread for a romantic moment between Steve and Sharon, a feature usually reserved for big fight scenes.
  • 70

    First Comics News

  • 55

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #7 follows up the heartbreaking conclusion to issue #6 with a lot of moping, a little progress, and a big cliffhanger that comes out of nowhere. The art is solid, but the writers are putting too much burden on readers to stay invested in a largely listless and boring story.
  • 55

    Comic Book Revolution

    Captain America Sentinel of Liberty #7 is a dull read. The main reason is that this issue is one massive exposition dump. It is page after page of an endless firehose of dialogue that bores the reader to death. The character work is largely missing. All the characters seem generic. The dialogue feels bland. There is no chemistry at all between any of the characters.

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