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Captain America #8

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Captain America has the tools and the will to protect the Front Door Cabaret and its strange guardian, Lyra, from the onslaught of a fate worse than death – now he just needs the strategy. But sometimes good strategy requires sacrifices to be made…

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  • 84

    Captain America #8 sets the stage for a suspenseful storyline. Straczynski’s focus on strategy and the introduction of a mysterious threat create some serious intrigue. While the full scope of the narrative remains to be seen, this issue is a promising start to a new arc for Captain America. Moreover, Captain America #8 is a character-driven story that showcases Steve Rogers’ unwavering dedication to protecting the innocent.

    Straczynski’s script explores the emotional and strategic aspects of heroism, while Magno’s art provides a visually engaging experience. While the action sequences might be limited, the focus on Captain America’s inner struggles offers a fresh perspective on this iconic hero. This issue is a good entry point for fans who want to see a different side of Captain America as he tangles with the mystic arts. However, readers seeking a high-octane action story might want to wait for the next installment to see how the new threat unfolds.

  • 80

    Un Cómic Más

    This second story arc continues with a paranormal story that seems to overcome Steve’s physical abilities, but not his heart. This comic closes abruptly, even though the story continues.

  • 80

    Marvel Heroes Library

    So, JMS outlines his upcoming run for us. Cap is called by Life to fight Death, framed in terms out of Dr. Strange, all looking cool while creating yet another mystic reality behind all of the other ones we’ve seen over the years. Captain America is presented as the selfless hero who will never quit, which is what we have known all along and why we love him. And then the comic turns into a video game and we see Cap sent on a quest for four missing persons, giving us the shape of the upcoming episodes in the series. We are then given a soppy love letter to Cap in the form of his horoscope. My big question is: with all the talk about Cap’s death, plus some cryptic prophecies to confuse us, is JMS planning to kill Cap again? His previous death was one of the most celebrated comics events of the last thirty years (2007) so will Marvel have the audacity to milk it for a second time? They had better not.

  • 75

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    Captain America #8 drops Cap in the middle of a literal fight between Life and Death for the fate of the world. Straczynski’s supernatural plot may not fit a typical Cap story, but it’s a rousing comic nonetheless, and the art looks great.

  • 75

    Caped Joel

  • 30

    There might be a good idea hidden deep down in the soul of this Captain America run, but very little makes it to the surface. Two-thirds of this issue are bogged down in an incoherent battle scene overlayed with exposition and a couple of very out of place movie references. Ultimately, it doesn’t really feel like this story has anything to do with Steve Rogers, he’s just thrust into a supernatural situation because he has a good heart.

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