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Brynmore #5 (of 5)

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The ancient curse that once almost doomed Turner Island, an army of the undead, has taken over the island and driven Mark, Sophie, and Becca back to the last safe haven.

Only the power of Brynmore might make a difference… but will it lead to their victory or to their doom?

Read the finale of the latest horror masterpiece from popular scribe Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) and his October Faction collaborator, Damien Worm!

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32 pages
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    Brynmore ends as abruptly as it started, light on plot, action, spooks, and much of anything at all. The issue has a surprisingly low amount of dialogue for being the final issue in a mini-series, with character’s saying three or four words every few panels throughout the entirety of the issue. Though Worm’s artwork lends itself to a darker, more terrifying story, this simply wasn’t it. The art still stands out, but that’s saying little given how it feels this last issue was smushed together.

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