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Break Out #1 (of 4)

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When massive cube spaceships from another dimension materialize over our cities and routinely abduct teenagers to be held inside their mysterious floating prisons, Liam Watt’s younger brother, Tommy, is taken. But while governments and adults across the world accept this loss as inevitable, Liam refuses to give up hope. Now, in a “take back our future” anthem, Liam assembles a skilled team of ordinary high school students to risk it all—but can they pull off the impossible and succeed in an out-of-this-world prison break? Join the crew and unlock a sci-fi adventure like no other, written by rising comics star Zack Kaplan (Port of Earth, Join the Future), with kinetic art—buzzing with life—drawn by Wilton Santos (Excalibur, Dawn of X) and colored by Jason Wordie (God Country, Wasted Space).

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