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Blue Beetle #7

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Based on 9 critic ratings.

In order to get Ted Kord back on his feet, Jaime will need to work with Booster Gold!

Can this Blue and Gold pairing help their friend, or are Ted’s superheroing days over?

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9 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    The current Blue Beetle creative team found a perfect way to honor Giffen by taking Jaime on a whirlwind tour of the DC Universe, past to future. Giving chances for other creators to come in and celebrate the late writer by visiting some touchstones one more time, but instead of giving into grief, this was a fun issue that reminds you of the joy of comics and character’s impact. It’s a perfect comic for fans to return to and a wonderful treat for the next generation to discover DC’s history and Giffen’s fingerprint on it.

  • 95

    Derby Comics

    This was a tribute comic, a plot-advancing issue, & a celebration of DC history all rolled into one. The story is engaging, the artwork is fantastic, & the emotional core shines through. This is a must-read for any Blue Beetle fan or Keith Giffen fan!

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    Comic Watch

    One comic can’t come close to capturing even the best of Keith Giffen’s work. Thankfully, this one doesn’t try. The issue doesn’t include references just because they’re recognizable, but because they’re also logical for its needs. Giffen could blend compelling plots, emotional characters, and absurdist humor with seeming effortlessness. In that way Blue Beetle #7 tries to be as much a tribute to what Giffen made as it does to how well he made it.

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    Geek Dad

    The stakes are very high in this title, and the final segment between Jaime, Booster, and Ted reminds us of that in a big way before heading back to the present. Now that the initial threat of Blood Scarab has been removed, I am very intrigued to discover what this creative team has planned next for the title.

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    Blue Beetle #7 is a love letter to the legendary Keith Giffen, and you can feel that love and respect on every page. The Blue Beetle team of Josh Trujillo, Adrian Gutierrez, Will Quintana, and Lucas Gattoni team up with a list of all-stars to deliver a time-spanning tale that embraces the joy and humor one would expect from this cast of characters. Jaime and Booster Gold are just as delightful together as you would expect, and the anchor points through time allow for a host of homages and cameos that will delight longtime fans, though they also manage to also move Jaime’s own internal arc forward. The issue doesn’t just move Jaime forward either, making the balance the issue achieves all the more impressive. The mix of action, personal growth, off the wall charm, and fun is something no fan of Giffen or Blue Beetle will want to miss, so make sure you don’t.

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    Nerd Initiative

    Ken: With Blue Beetle #7, Trujillo leads an all-star line-up of creators in paying tribute to one of the greats. Mixing in humor with heart, the latest adventure of Jaime Reyes is an instant hit. Superb writing highlights the incredible imagery that pays tribute to Giffen in spades. This is a great read that comic fans will not want to miss out on for NCBD.

    Marty: Blue Beetle #7 emerges as a shining gem in the realm of superhero comics, seamlessly blending action, emotion, and nostalgia into a single captivating narrative. It delivers on all fronts, offering readers a thrilling and heartfelt superhero experience. With its perfect blend of action, humor, and heart, this issue sets the stage for an epic adventure to come.

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    But Why Tho?

    Blue Beetle #7 is a chaotic celebration of a career. The issue is more of a touching tribute than a coherent story, which is acceptable for a creator like Keith Giffen. The premise is purely there to send Blue Beetle on his adventure with Booster Gold, which is enough. The energy and the pace generate enthusiasm. This book has both fourth-wall-breaking madness and some genuine and gentle family moments, which have just as much power.

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