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Blue Beetle #3

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After the recent attack, Jaime turns to the one person he knows who can decipher the mystical runes left by the Blood Scarab: Traci 13! Can these exes work together and piece together the secret history of Khaji Da?!

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    There's a lot happening throughout Blue Beetle #3, but one can't help but first acknowledge how stunning this series continues to be. Artist Adrian Gutierrez, colorist Will Quintana, and letterer Lucas Gattoni are on another level throughout Scarab War's third chapter, and the move into the magical corner of the DC Universe only gives the talented team a larger canvas on which to impress. Also, this isn't simply because Detective Chimp was featured, but hey, didn't hurt either. One particular splash page is incredibly impressive, not just for its surface beauty but also in the way it conveys backstory and important information, and the issue is full of that kind of layered approach. All throughout writer Josh Trujillo builds out Jaime's world and supporting cast, and having Traci back in the mix makes that cast even better. It will be interesting to see if certain teased elements of the story will play out the way I expect, but so far the series is meeting and exceeding my already high expectations.
  • 100

    But Why Tho?

    Blue Beetle #3 continues to build upon an extremely exciting series. Every part of this run is stunning. The art is gorgeous, the plot is enticing and the characters are extremely likable. A whole corner of the DC Universe is being explored whilst borrowing some figures from elsewhere to expand it. The dual stories are superbly laced together, individual whilst also having ramifications on each other. The small adventure out of Palmera City and into a temporary shelter of magic refreshes the story and propels it forward. And every single fight scene is better than the previous one, with a true sense of peril.
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    Geek Dad

    I’ve liked this series from the start, and the second volume is a major step up from the first, but I think this is probably the best issue of the entire run. It might do what the character’s needed for a while—give Blue Beetle a true arch-nemesis.
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    Comic Watch

    Blue Beetle #3 is a shakier issue than any the series has delivered yet. That’s not a huge demerit. The series is reliably very high quality. But in delivering a largely A to B to C plot advancing issue, it doesn’t carry as much punch.
  • 90

    Comic Crusaders

    Blue Beetle #3 is an exciting continuation to a series growing more and more intriguing by the issue. Jamie is being pushed to his limit, and by the end is faced with a moral dilemma that may determine what kind of superhero he is going to be. This is a prime example of what happens when great writing and great artwork come together and is a comic issue well worth a reader’s time and money.
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    Derby Comics

    Things were going a little slow after two issues but Josh Trujillo kicks things into high gear in this issue as Jaime meets up with Traci 13 and we start learning more about the Blood Scarab’s origins. Jaime and Traci have amazing chemistry together and Trujillo’s provides much needed exposition in an interesting and story-appropriate way via Madame Xanadu. Adrián Gutiérrez and Will Quintana continue to provide some truly impressive art in this series. Between Starfire’s ethereal and badass look, Madame Xanadu’s tarot cards highlighting the history of the Blue Beetle, and the final battle between Jaime and Traci vs the Blood Scarab, there’s an abundance of gorgeous panels to enjoy throughout the issue.
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    The problems with Blue Beetle remain, but this issue offers a clear direction for the book going forward. The Blue Beetle really shines, the Blood Scarab continues to intrigue, and Jaime's historical supporting cast get to shine. Even Brenda is starting to get a subplot of her own. If the book continues in this direction for the rest of the run, it will be a standout among the Dawn of DC line.
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    Blue Beetle #3 is a good issue of a great series, but an easy undermining of the villain who has thus far been unstoppable does cause some concern.

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