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Bloodline: Daughter Of Blade #3 (of 5)

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BRIELLE BROOKS has wanted to meet her father forever…but it’s safe to say her first encounter with BLADE didn’t go as anticipated! As the supernatural world learns about the new vampire hunter on the scene and threats mount, this daddy-daughter Daywalker duo will have to figure out who they want to be to one another — before it’s too late!

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    This is the issue fans have been waiting for ever since Bloodline: Daughter of Blade was first revealed, and you won’t be disappointed. Ever since fans were first introduced to Brielle, the daughter of Blade, the inevitable meeting between her and her father has been looming just over the horizon. Daughter of Blade #3 finally makes that moment into a reality, and writer Danny Lore knocks it out of the park, somehow making a family conversation about bloodlust and vampires endearingly relatable. The situation may be fantastical, but Lore creates an aura and vibe that any parent will likely recognize, especially parental dynamics with split parents. Saffron’s dynamic with Blade is hilarious in that it sheds all the pretense and brooding aura he arms himself with and humanizes him, and while Brielle makes mistakes, she also makes compelling arguments that her parents recognize and listen to. Artist Karen S. Darboe, colorist Cris Peter, and letterer Joe Sabino continue to create a series that simply looks like nothing else in comics at the moment, and the aesthetic and stylized characters immediately immerse you into its dangerous supernatural world. Blade now being a more active participant in the series should only make it even better, and it appears the best is yet to come.

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    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    Bloodline: Daughter of Blade #3 reads more like the third act in a sedate Afterschool Special than a Marvel comic about a family of vampire hunters. The plot barely moves an inch, the well-choreographed action only makes up a fraction of the issue, and everything else is just plain forgettable.

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