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Blood Tree #5

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Detectives Azzaro and Diaz find themselves drowning in blood as the Angel Killer’s plan expands and winged victims rain down all across New York City!

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5 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 94

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Murder and mayhem abound as Blood Tree #5 hurtles toward a breathtaking cliffhanger. Partners in Crime Tomasi and Šimić remind us of the difficulties police face in protecting the innocent and preventing people from hurting others. New Yorkers should lock their doors and stay in their homes until this emergency is over.

  • 87

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Tomasi ramps up the tension throughout this issue and I love how the story and the action escalates. I love a story with an inventive killer and this one ramps up his mission with style. I love the fact that Azzaro is being spread thin as the killer escalates and the desperation of his personal journey adds great drama to the bigger story.

    The Art: Simic delivers some great art throughout the issue. There are some great action shots and the ramp up to the murders is filled with visual tension.

  • 80


    Peter J Tomasi has managed to walk a tightrope with his script. While the death toll borders on the outrageous, it still feels at least somewhat plausible. He has made the curious decision though, to set aside some of Azzaro’s personal connections to this case, which were revealed in the pervious issue. And Tomasi could use a lesson in geography. He would have us believe that a Manhattan detective can drive to a Pennsylvania prison in less time than local crime scene investigators.

    Maxim Simic’s artwork continues to be problematic. His broad, non-detailed style takes a lot of getting used to, particularly when contrasted against the specific and detailed covers from Christian Alamy and Brad Anderson. Still Simic manages to pull off a few beautiful pages, particularly of the doomed “angels” taking a last flight from the Empire State Building.

    With this miniseries concluding in the next issue, the creative team has a lot of loose ends to tie. It seems unlikely that they will be able to sew up everything in a compelling way, but that journey should be a mostly enjoyable one.

  • 70

    You Don't Read Comics

    Tomasi plays with expectations. Some of the revelations that hit the page in the penultimate issue feel pretty obvious. Some of them hit like a hammer. Tomasi and imi have a solidly haunting story that theyre bringing to the page, but the finer points of it seem drowned in the dreamy nightmare of a story that never quite manages to provide the proper perspective. Theres something deeper being explored between the homicides and the men who are investigating them, but any insight into that seems firmly planted outside the panels.

  • 60

    Blood Tree’s penultimate issue sees the serial killer improvising to continue his mission to root out what he sees as blemished bloodlines due to sharing a relation to a murderer. It’s an intense issue that relies a bit on a few weird ungrounded leaps in how law enforcement works to get us to the point, but we’re certainly in for an interesting finale.

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