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Blood Tree #4

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Detectives Azzaro and Diaz follow the blood trail of the murder victims right into the Angel Killer’s sanctuary—and they’re both shocked to their cores when his horrific mission takes a personal turn that threatens to destroy them both.

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    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Their hunt for the angel killer has tested Dario Azzaro and Maria Diaz. A discovery this time out makes Detective Azzaro’s investigation incredibly personal. If Tomasi’s story and Maxim’s art invited you to this party, but you hoped for something to kick it into high gear, Blood Tree #4’s the issue you’ve been waiting for.

  • 90

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: The story gets more intense and more personal for Dario in this issue and I loved both the reveal and its repercussions for the character. There are some great moments for the characters as he wrestles with his own past as well as his desire to keep his family safe. The moment between Dario and his wife is fantastic and shows depth of character and agency for her. Any other time, that moment would be filled with her panicking, but Tomasi infuses her with grit, determination and compassion. I love the rising tension throughout the issue and cannot wait to see what happens next.

    The Art: Simic delivers some great visuals throughout the issue. The imagery keeps the detective noir aesthetic and I love it. The visuals also show the rising tension both in the story and in the characters.

  • 80


    This latest issue is an emotional page-turner thanks to Peter J. Tomasi’s great script. While the story has been interesting up to this point, it’s been fairly formulaic. Now, it’s personal for Detective Dario Azzaro for reasons that can’t be revealed without giving too much away. But by shifting the focus of the story, Tomasi has transformed the routine to the mesmerizing. It’s a great and unexpected change that elevates the entire limited series.

    Unfortunately, the artwork is still holding the story back. Artist Maxim Simic’s style is too basic for this tale. Each character looks the same in every panel. There’s no telling if they’re excited or mad or running for their lives. Granted, the story deals with hardened detectives, but we should be able to understand what is happening with reading every word bubble. Frankly, Tomasi’s script deserves better.

    Colorist John Kalisz provides some pop on the pages at the right times. New York is a dark place, particularly when serial killers are involved. But Kalisz provides a nice sunrise as well as some other touches that help to brighten the mood.

    Tomasi is at the top of his game. With only two more issues left in the series, hopefully the artwork can follow his lead.

  • 80

    Blood Tree #4 delivers a twist that’s not exactly surprising but is expertly well done. Detective Sheen discovers a personal connection to the serial killer who is killing off relatives of other serial killers. The twist was hinted at in the first two issues as an almost seemingly random plot point, but really brings the comic series as a whole together. While the story is still a bit formulaic at times, that doesn’t mean that the crime comic isn’t an enjoyable read.

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