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Blood Hunters #1 (of 4)

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Based on 9 critic ratings.

The first in a new anthology series that explores how the shattering events of Blood Hunt cover the breadth of the Marvel Universe!

Hawkeye is on the run – but does he have enough trick arrows in his quiver to avoid both the long arm of the law and vampires out for his blood?!

Man-Wolf and J. Jonah Jameson do a little father-son bonding – while also fighting for their lives against a horde of bloodsuckers!

And, in a continuing story, with Cloak missing in action Dagger strikes out in search of new and surprising allies.

Witness the genesis of Marvel’s wildest team yet: the Blood Hunters!

It all begins here!

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9 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    But Why Tho?

    Blood Hunters #1 shows how heroes adapt to the most dramatic situations. There is also a fantastic showcase of how creators can use the same concept and change it thoroughly depending on the main character. The writers not only altered the scenarios but also tailored the stories entirely to the individuals at the heart of them.

    The tales never have to compete for space within Blood Hunters #1; each chapter is a satisfying length. The art has fun with the task at hand, with various methods for murdering monsters appearing within the issue.

  • 95

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Hawkeye soothes New Yorkers’ fright through spirituality, Man-Wolf forces J Jonah Jameson to confront his Spider-Man fixation, and Dagger battles the overwhelming power of addiction in Blood Hunters #1.

  • 90


    All three stories in Blood Hunters help convey the dangers heroes face in New York and the unique ways they must act to survive. These tales may not tie into the larger plot, but it’s fun to see heroes not necessarily on the front lines affected by a vampire uprising. With events, what more can you want than a little fun?

  • 80

    Comic Watch

    Hawkeye’s tale, written by Mark Russell with art by Bob Quinn, and colors by Matt Milla, is a fun, humor-bent tale of the community taking care of one another, as Hawkeye finds himself in a typical everyman role. The artwork offers a snappy, springy quality that allows the pace to move while playing up the comedic facial expressions and bad facial hair. That comedic quality offers a bridge into the next story starring the Jamesons, which is written by Christos Gage with art by Javier Garrón, and coloring from Morrey Hallowell. The bickering dynamic between the two Jameson men is an excellent diversion from the festering conflict, rendered with deft, exaggerated detail in Garrón’s linework. The action is stiff in places, constrained by the lack of page real estate, but not to the point that it distracts.

    Finally, Dagger’s story, which will run through the miniseries, features scripting by Erica Schultz with art by Bernard Chang, and coloring by Marcelo Maiolo, is a more seriously focused tale of searching and guilt. The script mines drama from Dagger’s natural opposition to the vampires, as a member of her local community is turned and attacks her. Chang depicts that tension with a focus on facial expressions and tortured glances, selling the emotional core. The last page reveal is enough to bump the issue’s grade a point up, promising a spectacular addition to the event.

  • 76

    Multiversity Comics

    Overall, each of these stories has plenty going for them on their own. When put together, Blood Hunters is a fun compilation giving us snapshots of what fan-favorite characters are up to during the Blood Hunt event, and is filled with engaging and entertaining snapshots of the ongoing battle against vampiric forces. The creative teams behind each story are talented in their own rights, and no part of the story felt weaker than the others.

  • 70

    Blood Hunters #1 works to further examine the ramifications of a vampire outbreak in Marvel Comics, giving readers the chance to catch up on the lives of heroes they otherwise might not have seen in this event. While not every story is a home run, there’s enough here to give Marvel fans something to sink their teeth into whether they’re fans of the undead, Wolf Gods, light-baring superheroines, or moustache-sporting marksmen.

  • 68

    Graphic Policy

    It’s rather unfortunate Blood Hunters #1 doesn’t live up to the event debut. But, when the event debut is so good, it’s kind of hard to. Part of the issue is the comic’s tone doesn’t really match the horror of the event’s debut and the comedic tone of the comic feels rather odd. When there’s so much to explore in the chaos, it’s an oddity for sure.

  • 67

    Major Spoilers

    Blood Hunters #1 is a solid collection of short stories on their own. The problem is that it doesn’t feel like it fits with the rest of the Blood Hunt event, so those who are interested in it because of the event might be disappointed.

  • 20

    The Comic Book Spot

    This was not good at all. It does zero to move the event further. It only devalues the importance of the event with the comedy it tries to play. It’s just not good at all for what Blood Hunt is supposed to be about. The art saves this from being a 0.5 star at best.

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