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Blade #8

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Based on 4 critic ratings.

BLADE JOURNEYS TO THE LAND OF THE DEAD! With the power he has mastered with help from Dracula and Hulk, Blade must now gather knowledge about the Adana by going deep into the heart of enemy territory…

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23 pages
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4 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 87

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Hill continues to create some great stories for Blade and this issue gives fans of the character more insight into the character. The story has some great moments for Blade and his allies. There isn’t a lot of action in the story, but that works because it takes time to showcase Blade’s relationships with others as well as his intent. Things I cannot wait to see explored in the next issue.

    The Art: Casagrande’s art is fantastic. I love the beautifully detailed characters and environments and how immersive the imagery is.

  • 85


    Blade’s little world continues to become increasingly real (and compelling) with each new issue. This latest chapter, especially, added even more darkness to his adventure while also showing us some much-needed light. It’s a process that feels big and complicated but also reflective of someone’s real-life journey toward growth and maturation. I can’t wait to see just how much further Blade extends before our very eyes — no matter the depths he must travel beforehand.

  • 80

    The first half of Blade #8 benefits tremendously from the inclusion of Satanna who can capably quip with Blade and provides the framing for the series’ most engaging sequence in some time. All of the staging for Blade’s journey to Hell in the issue’s first half pays dividends in the second with at least one genuine and genuinely rewarding surprise awaiting readers. Whether it’s the aesthetic of Satanna’s apartment or the ethereal presentation of Hell’s denizens, Elena Casagrande makes this detour to the darkest of realms a memorable one. While that depiction will leave readers wanting more, it also delivers the most impactful action sequence and turn in Blade in several months, making every page count. Blade #8 provides a clear direction forward and recaptures the series’ momentum; bring on issue #9.

  • 55

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    Blade #8 finds the titular Daywalker stumbling upon another potential aid to defeating the Adana. Casagrande’s art depicting Hell is imaginative, and the new addition to the team is a surprising twist, but Hill’s path to defeating Adana feels like Blade is stumbling around in the dark.

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