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Black Panther #9

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T’CHALLA’S ALLIES KIDNAPPED AND HIS CITY UNDER SIEGE! Between Baba Nkisu and Cartier St. Croix teaming up, tensions being higher than ever among Birnin T’Chaka’s crime families and the vengeful spirit known as the Grey Wolf on the prowl, Black Panther will need to gather all of his allies – from Shuri to Beisa – in order to keep the city from being torn asunder!

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  • 90


    ‘Black Panther’ #9 continues to build up and flesh out the overall world of the title character, as well as his place within this shifting world. A compelling rough character-rich story with a supernatural bent, perfect for the former King of Wakanda.
  • 80

    Black Panther is wading into the waters of much bigger Marvel stories, and it's unclear so far just how well the series is incorporating those ideas. We also don't quite know how deep into the realms of space and alternate dimensions this saga is going to go – this may just be a blip on the radar. Still, even in some uneasy moments, Black Panther never fails to capture your attention. Few books utilize the color purple as effectively as this one, allowing its palette to ensnare your focus page after page, even when the narrative gets too ambitious. And this take on T'Challa is one that has yet to wear out its welcome. All kings and leaders should have to reckon with their legacy and reflect on whether or not they're really doing the job they've promised. As always, T'Challa is leading by example.
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    Do I like that T’Challa’s journey is coalescing toward something more definitive? Absolutely. As good as this book has been (more or less at some instances), there’s no denying that it has felt a touch rudderless at times. Now, we have T’Challa and Beisa busting out their best Batman and Catwoman as they work to really crack this case, and that uptick in momentum and action does wonders to give stakes to that (mostly) careful world-building and character development that’s happened across issues #1-8. We could only have “T’Challa on vacation” for so long, and moving this forward feels like the best time and with maximum payoff both emotionally and from a narrative standpoint.
  • 70

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    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    Black Panther #9 serves up big answers to most of the major, lingering questions about Kivu’Ma and the disappearing citizens of Birnin T’Chaka. Ewing finally gets around to creating a clear plot with decent art, engaging reveals, and solid pacing, but the cancellation next month confirms why you can’t waste time at $3.99.

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