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Black Panther #7

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Black Panther learns the devastation of Kivu’Ma – and must deal with the aftermath.

But it leaves him, and all of Birnin T’Chaka, shaken.

Beisa enlists Black Panther’s help in her ongoing investigation against Wakanda’s crime families… which leads to an unexpected and beloved Marvel character appearance, who may know a thing or two about living in exile!

Plus, Biti as you’ve never seen her before!

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25 pages
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4 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 90


    ‘Black Panther’ #7 continues the series’ deep exploration of the character, his new status quo, and the new city that he calls home. Depth and personality are clear on every single page allowing the characters and viewers to feel every single moment. There is little doubt that this creative team understands and loves this character and his world.

  • 80

    There’s a scene in this issue where T’Challa has to directly wrestle with the fact that he has only spent real time in a small part of the country he once led, which sends him on an assignment to experience live in a different corner of Wakanda. Yes, this is in an effort to make him a better Panther, but it’s the core of what this entire series is about as well. Opening your eyes to the world around changes everything about your perspective and, ultimately, your mission.

  • 70


    And advancing forward is really the only move this book has left after the shot in the arm in issue #6. But based just on issue #7, there’s enough here to demonstrate that Black Panther is (for the most part) ready to continue its march to a fully-fleshed out, generally exciting book that fully grows the lineage of our titular hero. Let’s just really turn up the heat from here on out and see how our hero truly shines.

  • 55

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    Black Panther #7 takes the slow train to find out who’s behind the simmering gang war and the disappearances and makes it slower by sending T’Challa on a cultural tour of Biti to get in touch with the people. Ewing earns high marks for the expansive world-building in a fictional city, but after seven issues, the plot is barely formed, and T’Challa is still in information-gathering mode.

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