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Black Panther #10

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A FINAL CONFRONTATION AGAINST THE GRAY WOLF! After discarding Baba Nkisu, the Gray Wolf has found a new host: the crime lord’s daughter, Aliinya Nkisu! To defeat a supernatural power so great AND to save Aliinya from the Gray Wolf, eater of souls, Black Panther must call upon the aid of allies new and old!

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24 pages
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  • 85


    A lot of ideas but not a ton of space lead to a conclusion that is less than satisfying, while still hitting the mark with Black Panther #10. Marvel’s latest foray into the world of Wakanda was illuminating but likely to be forgotten, as the issue itself somewhat showcases.

  • 70


    I’d love to see what else this team could do, and what new lessons T’Challa might learn as he makes his way through other, unseen parts of the Wakandan empire. But for now, I’m warmly shaking my head for a novel enough slice of relevant, insightful superhero comics.

  • 60

    For a series that was so grounded for the majority of its run, the finale of Black Panther felt like such a strange way to bring it all home. Space stations, demon possession, and mech suits make for quite a lot to stuff into one final issue, especially when they all really just came up for the first time here. The last 3-4 pages do a great job of wrapping everything up and bringing the story home, allowing us all to complete the journey on a very positive note, but it’s hard not to feel like that ending wasn’t incredibly rushed.

  • 55

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    Black Panther #10 practically sprints to the finish line in T’Challa’s conflict with a soul-sucking demon. The art is intricate to a fault, and the broader plot points are quickly resolved, but the need to rush due to cancelation is apparent, leaving a slapdash and unsatisfying conclusion.

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