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Black Cloak #2

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Generally favorable ratings

Based on 6 critic ratings.

Murdered prince.

Hungry mermaids.

Vengeful queen.

Plentiful suspects.

Dead assassin.

Dying Black Cloak.

So far this case is going to the devils.

And it’s super great that absolutely everything is on the line.

No pressure!

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Kindle Edition
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27 pages
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6 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 87

    The Super Powered Fancast

    McClaren delivers some beautiful art throughout the issue. I love the different looks of the characters and how they expand and better illustrate the diversity of the world.

  • 85

    Multiversity Comics

    As soon as I was done with “Black Cloak” #2, all that I wanted to do was read “Black Cloak” #3. That is to say, this is a really good comic. This series does remarkable work balancing fantasy trappings and detective plot-line, simultaneously building a fasting world and delivering a layered, exciting mystery. (…) Phaedra and Freyal’s relationship is written beautifully, with a real sense of familiarity and love leaping off of the page. That, and Phaedra’s other baggage, makes it easy to feel like we really know what drives our protagonist. (…) “Black Cloak” is also a visually strong issue. The art is relatively simple but the world still feels incredibly rich. This is a fantasy world and it feels like one- nearly every page has some type of creatively rendered, visually interesting character on it. (…) The final moments of the issue are filled with promise of even better to come. The fact that we’ve got political intrigue being thrown into the story makes this a proper urban noir and clearly makes this an even richer series, thematically. But even more than that, our brief glimpse at the Trees is wildly exciting. It looks like we’re being introduced to the most visually distinctive environment yet and getting to explore more of this world as the facts of this mystery reveal themselves is sure to be a treat.

    Strong visuals, great world building, and a tight, engaging plot make “Black Cloak” #2 easy to love

  • 80

    Big Comic Page

    Taking the issue as a whole, I have to correct myself and my thoughts on the opening. In context, these early scenes are needed to really cement our connection with the characters and the information presented is essential. Again, as with the first issue, I was instantly finding myself poring over each page and panel for more details and to enjoy the world which has been created. Whilst perhaps not a typical whodunnit, I’ve still not even an inkling, I’m captivated by this mysterious tale.

  • 80

    Lotusland Comics

    ‘Black Cloak’ by Kelly Thompson, Meredith McClaren, and Becca Carey opened up a potent mix of fantasy and crime drama since its debut on Substack and again in print with Image Comics. Issue two continues the murder mystery of a familiar royal to Detective Phaedra Essex who’s recovering from an attack at the end of the last issue. An attack she’s still trying to figure out how she survived. Meanwhile, witnesses need to be interviewed, and certain suspects are trying to cover their butts in the aftermath of the murder. There’s a nicely designed flashback covering Phaedra’s time with Freyal as well as a witness account. McClaren’s use of color in those instances differentiates the scenes adding layers to the issue. Thompson’s writing remains pulpy and quirky giving off a serious tone and an occasionally humorous one with ease as in the interviews. The transitions in tone are seamless and only add to the charm of the series. Issue two builds on the first providing new details, some revelations, and a cliffhanger to boot. ‘Black Cloak’ is an exceptional crime procedural that offers an appealing fantasy setting while being legitimately absorbing.

  • 74

    Comic Watch

    Overall, the use of color in this artwork through this issue is phenomenal and breathes so much life into the story. Im incredibly curious as to where this next issue will take us and what Phaedra will continue to uncover going forward.

  • 70

    Perhaps it’s got to do with the series’ double-sized debut, but Black Cloak #2 feels both overstuffed and truncated. Many of the issue’s pages focus on world-building, which introduces new wrinkles into the murder investigation at the heart of the book’s plot and raises more questions about the balance of power in the city. (…) It’s still a great-looking book, with the fluid linework both inviting and expressive, and it’s a credit to the quality of the world that readers will likely still want answers to the questions that the story is dragging out. However, there’s no escaping the unsatisfying pacing of this sophomore outing.

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