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Black Cat #8

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The Thieves’ guild’s members were granted eternal life by an immortal creature named Candra in exchange for their service. However, the New York guild offended Candra, causing her to withdraw her gift. As a result, the guild members lost their immortality and were shunned by the other branches that remained loyal to Candra. The blame for this situation fell on the Drakes, the prominent thief family in New York.

Castillo, Odessa’s father and a student of the Black Fox, aimed to rectify the situation by finding an alternative source of immortality. He discovered it but died shortly after a dispute with the Black Fox, whom Odessa suspects of killing him. Odessa continued her quest to find her father and eventually obtained immortality by making a pact with a demon.

The Black Fox realizes that Odessa is trapped in a role she didn’t choose, and she harbors envy towards Felicia, who enjoys freedom and is also the object of Odessa’s affection. At that moment, Felicia appears and releases her mentor. From that point on, a war between Odessa and the Thieves’ Guild ensues.

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4 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 96

    You Don't Read Comics

    MacKay’s time with Felicia reaches a bit of a crescendo here that feels like it might be heading somewhere. The little side elements of Felicia’s personal and professional life provide opportunities to take her life in various different directions once this central arc finally plays its way through throughout the next several issues. The culture of low-level criminality in Marvel Manhattan continues to be a fun setting for a truly novel new Marvel title. MacKay has a lot to play with her, and he’s not trying to cram too much into any one issue, so he clearly knows the importance of taking his time with the thief.

  • 91

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    Jed MacKay, Dike Ruan, and Annie Wu deliver the best issue of BLACK CAT to date. The dialogue is fun and witty throughout, sprinkled with some necessary introspection by Felicia. The art is solid, from the action scenes to the intimate setting of a mother and daughter at lunch. Simply put, if you want an entertaining comic, pick up BLACK CAT #8.

  • 80


    The comic touches on the larger themes of the arc including the kidnapping of the Black Fox through some flashbacks with Felicia and her mother, but the real fun is in the heist and the madcap action that ensues wherever the Black Cat turns up. Worth a look.

  • 60

    Black Cat has been quite good since it launched, but this second arc is starting to wear out its welcome. The dialogue is still witty and the art is still crisp, but the whole “bring in a different popular hero every week just to give Felicia someone to talk to” can only last for so long.

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