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Black Cat #2

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Felicia recalls her encounter with the Black Fox, where he posed as her father and paid her bail. He reveals that he had trained her father and offers to train her as well. In the present, Felicia and her partners agree to the Black Fox’s proposal to steal from Doctor Strange. With the help of Xander the Unforgiven, they infiltrate the Sanctum Sanctorum. The trio successfully locates their target, the original deed for Manhattan Isle. However, Xander discovers the Star-Stone and regains his extraordinary abilities. Meanwhile, Odessa Drake enlists Sonny Occampo to track down the Black Cat.

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Kindle Edition
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23 pages
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9 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    You Don't Read Comics

    A few thieves enter the home of a sorcerer supreme to steal an artifact. One of them is a ticking time bomb. Anything could happen. It’s a simple premise that MacKay and Foreman have a great deal of fun with. That fun easily transfers to the reader in another thoroughly enjoyable issue of the Black Cat’s new series. If MacKay and Foreman can maintain this level of quality and originality, this series is going to be a lot of fun.

  • 100


    This is the best hero book published by Marvel, but she’s not really a hero, is she? I love the personalities of all the characters, with Felicia just being so awesome. The artwork is to die for, with every page a wonder in characters and settings. The colors are gorgeous, increasing the tension and directing the eye perfectly. This is a book one can only hope goes on eternally with these creators. Make Mine Black Cat! Highest possible recommendation.

  • 95


    If you thought the first issue was good you’ll love the character work and dialogue of the second. The story is developing nicely and there’s some fabulous art to go with it.

  • 80

    Color me surprised once again, but Black Cat is a good book. It’s a caper-heist comic that continues to be better than you’d think it has any right to be, turning a supporting character like Felicia Hardy into an effortlessly compelling leading force. It’s almost impossible not to be captured by her, as well as the characters around her. Everything at work in this book was already great, but adding in a crazed Merlin and a trip to the Sanctum Santorum make it even better. It’s time to add this one to your pull list.

  • 70


    Black Cat #2 teases the reader for the first few pages before revealing the location. Knowing her own limits, the Black Cat enlists the help of a doped-up magician to deal with the inexplicable the team will face once inside. Despite the bizarre sights and obstacles they traverse, the plan goes mostly to plan… that is until the Cat looses control of Xander only moments after putting her paws on her prize leading to all kinds of complications and obstacles between the Black Cat and the front door. Worth a look.

  • 70

    Comic Book Revolution

    With another strong issue in Black Cat #2 Jed MacKay and Travel Foreman are quickly establishing this series as one of Marvel’s best. This issue moved at a brisk pace and never wasted time. The story with Black Cat and her crew stealing something from Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum was a lot of fun. Combining the strong pacing and fun story together made the ending of Black Cat #2 even more effective hook to find out what happens next.

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    Multiversity Comics

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    Comic Crusaders

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