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Black Cat #12

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Well, she did it this time. Black Cat stole an Iron Man armor from Iron Man, and he is NOT pleased. So she is on the run (fly, really) from Iron Man through Manhattan but also still on the run from the Thieves Guild. So it’s tough being Felicia Hardy right now. And it’s possible the armor wasn’t what she was stealing from Iron Man. Uh-oh.

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    Black Cat #12 is the best issue of the series. Sadly it’s also the final issue of the series. Despite being in the middle of the year-long arc of Felicia’s war with Odessa Drake and the Thieves Guild, Black Cat has apparently become a COVID casualty. Still, the story teased at the end of the issue, which would have appeared in Black Cat #12 featuring a fight with Queen Cat will apparently take place in the upcoming Black Cat: Queen in Black (although no word yet on Felicia’s war with the guild).

    As for Odessa, she does get a surprise visit from armored Black Cat. However that doesn’t seem enough dissuade her from attempting to force Felicia back into the fold as the guild’s most valuable asset.

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    Comic Crusaders

    I can not say enough good things about this book. I love it! Every issue is like a throwback to when comics were enjoyable and not every story or character had to have some sort of societal impact! Entertainment can just be fun; and this book, thanks to Jed MacKay and his team, is pure entertainment.

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    Comics: The Gathering

    The Black Cat vs. Iron Man mini-arc ends the way it must, with a breathless knockdown armour-fight. Visually, it’s fantastic; verbally, it’s adroit. Taken together, #11 & #12 are equally great as part of Felicia’s larger story and as a standalone heist/chase/fight caper. If it has a fault, it’s that very best fault for a comic to have: It’s over too soon.

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    You Don't Read Comics

    MacKay has been working steadily and diligently through the first eleven issues to reach this narrative point. Hardy has been a great deal of fun to hang out with throughout the year’s worth of action that she’s lived through thus far. This issue brings her craftiness to a crescendo that will be difficult to match in the issues to come. Thankfully, there’s some breathing room coming as the series pivots its narrative a bit in the months to come.

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    Comic Book Revolution

    Outside the questionable final page Black Cat #12 delivered a fun story that featured an extended battle between Black Cat and Iron Man. The chase got over what makes Black Cat such a great character and is able to continue the greater story about the war with the Thieves Guild that Jed MacKay has been developing. Hopefully after this hiatus MacKay is given a chance to continue the story he has building around Black Cat and her crew.

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    This take on Felicia Hardy has been really exciting for the most part, mainly because Felicia has been given quite a lot to work with. This entire issue is a fight with Iron Man in super suits and nothing more. It’s not a comic about Felicia Hardy. Doesn’t Tony Stark already have his own series?

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