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Black Cat #11

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Based on 8 critic ratings.

Black Cat’s Marvel U crime spree continues! This issue, Felicia Hardy is breaking into Stark Unlimited. Wait, Black Cat vs. Iron Man? I’m pretty worried. For Tony.

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8 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 96

    You Don't Read Comics

    The cleanly episodic nature of MacKay’s first year of Black Cat works well with the long pause for COVID. The overall tension looming in the background of Felicia’s life seems to have hung around in the shadows. As the character might well have been planning her heist with her accomplices while in lockdown. Many other titles hit the comics rack this month with a sudden jolt of a million, little subplots that shoot out of the page in mid-stride. It’s nice to see Black Cat jumping out of the quarantined shadows with something fresh that continues to expand on everything that’s happened in the past year without any graceless lurching at plot points.

  • 90


    Unfortunately for Black Cat, her patsy can’t keep Iron Man busy indefinitely preventing her to make it out of the building with her new bounty. However, while in the Nanoforge, she’s able to create one other thing which should lead to an equally fun follow-up issue.

  • 90

    Comic Crusaders

    I have said it before, but this book for me has been the surprise hit of the last year. For all their problems, when Marvel get it right, boy do they get it right!

  • 90

    Comics: The Gathering

    Black Cat is not a “weirdo” comic. It’s not exceptional because of its strangeness; it’s exceptional because of its quality. In its own quiet way, it’s a brilliant model for handling a vast range of storytelling challenges. Antiheroes, female leads, “honourable thief” stories, crossovers and guest-stars — on virtually every axis, readers (and Marvel creators!) can look to Black Cat for an example of how to do things right.

    Felicia Hardy’s latest scheme matches her up against Tony Stark and his company. Watching the Black Cat run rings around Iron Man and his supporting cast is a delight. C.B. Villa delivers beautiful art to support the usual endearing charm of Jed MacKay’s script. This has become one of Marvel’s most reliable and enjoyable titles. Like its star, it knows exactly what it wants to do and it always does it well.

  • 88

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    While Black Cat isn’t the most well-known character or biggest selling book by any means, it remains one of the best monthly books that Marvel puts out. It’s a quick, fun read that has me waiting for issue number 12 very impatiently!!

  • 85


    I liked this issue thanks to the playful nature of the heist plotting. It’s also fun to see a few characters give it to the overly inflated ego of Tony Stark. This is great heist comics.

  • 80

    Comic Book Revolution

    Black Cat #11 is a strong example of why this series is one of the best comic books that Marvel is currently publishing. Jed MacKay and C.F. Villa combine to tell a fun story as Felicia Hardy leads her team in what may be their biggest heist to date as they take on Tony Stark. The interaction between Felicia and Tony shines even brighter thanks to how MacKay frames the plan the former executes in order to make this heist successful. MacKay and Villa end Black Cat #11 with a final page that immediately gets you hyped for the next issue.

  • 40

    A good chunk of Black Cat #11 is rather enjoyable. It’s as quippy as ever and continues to be smart in its development of Felicia. However, it eventually spirals into yet another version of the “people in Marvel comics get Iron Man armor” stories, and that’s just something no one wants to see again.

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