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Black Adam #10 (of 12)

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Or is there? As a war rages within the supreme ruler of Kahdaq, Black Adam is given a chance to head toward the light for good…but does he have what it takes to seize it? Plus: Ibac’s here and ready to brawl!

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  • 85

    Geek Dad

    As we head to the final act of this packed miniseries, Priest is doing a good job of combining elements from the present, the recent past, and the remote past. We’ve got a particularly gripping flashback where the all-powerful Adam finds himself in a vulnerable spot and in the company of some official bigots. In the modern day, Adam and his protege Malik reach a critical parting of ways, and some old enemies start exploiting that rift to potentially topple Adam off his throne for good. Priest is playing with some similar themes that Ta-Nehisi Coates did in his Black Panther run, interrogating the idea of an indispensable King, but Adam is obviously a far less flexible figure than T’Challah. There are elements of an epic tragedy here, as the dividing line between Adam and Malik turns out to be much less global and much more personal. Looking forward to how Priest can possibly wrap this up in only two more chapters.

  • 80

    Over the course of ten issues, Black Adam has blossomed into a proper saga filled with conflicting characters and factions developing millenia of lore while always progressing the story at hand; it’s an exciting title to see appear each month and the “two-part series finale” foreshadowed at the end is bittersweet. Black Adam #10 frames an explosive showdown between its eponymous anti-hero, Malik, ancient gods from outer space, and a few other notables very well, though. A few final fragments of the extraterrestrial deities provide key details that filter back into Adam’s battle for control of his country and Malik’s struggle to save both of their lives. All of these elements center around a throwdown between Ibac and Adam that’s as intriguing as it is exciting with sprawling splashes conveying power as the two ancient foes question one another’s perspective. Black Adam #10 is another fine installment in a story that promises at least two more great issues, but clearly has more road to travel beyond just that.

  • 70

    DC Comics News

    As Black Adam enters into its last phase, I can’t help but feel a certain level of anxiety around the last few issues. There’s a lot to love about this series. It’s chock-full of cool ideas and interesting character moments. I’m simply afraid that Priest won’t be able to deliver a satisfying, cohesive ending with only two issues left. Black Adam #10, in many ways, is emblematic of the series: there’s a lot going on, and none of it feels very cohesive as a narrative.

  • 70

    First Comics News

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