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Bishop: War College #5 (of 5)

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Tempo traps herself and Bishop in a time loop of her past trauma. Will she be able to allow festering wounds heal so she and Bishop can figure out a way back home? Meanwhile, the War College students are fighting for their lives, and the lives of Krakoa’s mutants, against the Struckers and Orchis. Help may be on the way, but timing these days has a funny way of putting our favorite mutants in the worst positions possible.

Read the last issue of the BISHOP: WAR COLLEGE miniseries to find out how this time-warped, action-packed plot ends!

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    Bishop: War College's grand finale hits the ground running and brings the story to a satisfying close, and looks to have achieved its goal in shining a light on an eclectic and compelling group of heroes. Writer J. Holtham hits hard right from the beginning of the issue, and despite not spending much time in the other universe, it does feel as if the events of the series will have some greater effects there. While Bishop is the centerpiece of this series, it's really Tempo and the new class of mutants that steals the show on many occasions, though Bishop does see some welcome character growth by the book's end. The work of artist Sean Damien Hill, colorist Espen Grundetjern, and inker Victor Nava is thankfully featured all the way through the issue (as opposed to split teams in previous issues), giving the book some consistency, and a powered up Bishop in their hands is fantastic. The finale was satisfying and yet it does feel as if there's some unmet potential with the concept. There is definitely room to explore the concept further down the line, so perhaps this isn't the last we'll see of this powerful team.

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