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Birds of Prey #6

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It’s all-out war on Themyscira as the team faces off against the mythical Megaera… can the Birds overcome this ancient evil?! Or will one of them have to pay the ultimate price…?

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13 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    "Megadeath" has finally wreaked its havoc on the Birds of Prey, and the end result is another truly wonderful issue. Just when you think the plot has been wrapped up a bit too neatly, it throws out another curveball that perfectly and poignantly sets up the series' next story arc. Kelly Thompson's characterization is filled with great moments, and Leonardo Romero's art is always a wonderful thing to see, especially in some of this issue's more extravagant layouts or action scenes. If you somehow have not been reading this new era of Birds of Prey, catch up and fix that right now.
  • 100

    Dark Knight News

    I don’t even know how to feel right now as I’m so in love with this series. There is so much detail in every panel and line of Birds of Prey #6. This team has created a series that will last for a very long time as one of the best runs of this series ever. I can’t wait to see what happens next in the series, as there is one heck of a setup for the next arc! Keep it coming!!!
  • 95

    Geek Dad

    One arc in, I feel pretty safe in saying this is one of the best books DC is putting out right now. Thompson has put together a compelling team with a unique mission statement, and is pairing with one of the best artists in the industry to bring it to life.
  • 90


    With their first mission coming to a close, Black Carny’s high-flying new team must face the choices made and a new encroaching threat in ‘Birds Of Prey’ #6. A character-rich stunning display of how to capture the expected energy of a superhero comic while completely doing its own unique thing.
  • 90

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Thompson brings this part of the story to a fantastic conclusion that not only includes great action, humor and thrills while also embracing the dynamic between the characters. There is a great build up to the final moments with Sin and brilliantly shifts to a new arc that immediately grabbed my attention. The Art: Romero delivers some fantastic art throughout the issue. The visuals are dynamic and filled with great detail throughout.
  • 88

    Comic Watch

    The ending does have a hook for the next arc and this is a welcome note considering Thompson is doing such a great job with the title.
  • 80


    I for one have been a big fan of this series and am happy that we have so many talented people working together! Does that mean the story is without flaws? Of course not. The small things pile up and the art makes up for a lot but this series has to definitely find creative ways to make everything more than a joke. I like how the ending shows a glimmer of hope as it takes things more seriously when appropriate. The issue starts off tense, gets to show off badass beatings and bold decisions then brings it together with bittersweet beverages. Can’t wait for the next arc!
  • 80


    This was a good, solid ending to the opening storyline, with a great hook at the end for more to come. I’m glad that Future Maps isn’t a bad guy — yet — and I loved the twist that this was the 11th or 12th time the Birds had attempted this rescue, and that she just kept going back in time and trying different ways until they got it right. Fun twist! Everything you expect to have in a finale comes together here. The villain is on the verge of winning, our heroes unite for one big, final push, get a little help from the supporting characters, and then the day is saved in spectacular fashion. It was fun, exciting and full of character. I really like the idea of Sin and Megaera teaming up. Part of it comes off like a loss…but then, like, there are worse superhero origin stories. And it’s not like Sin was a major character or anything. Now she’s sharing her mind with some otherworldly deity who is skilled in sarcasm. Sounds like a level up for this character! Hopefully she gets to be a permanent member of the team, if that final page tease is legit that the book will have a rotating cast. I think that could be fun! Keep a core of Black Canary, Meridian, Sin and Batgirl, and then add on fun new characters for each adventure. I’m fully on board with that! Just be mindful of such extreme art switches between issues.
  • 75

    Derby Comics

    First and foremost, I have to give major kudos and love to the art team of @leo_romero11 & #jordoebellaire who have defined this young series’ visual identity in such a unique and impressive way. It took an issue or two for me to get used to it, but my love for their style became apparent when they both received a break from the last issue and we had guest artists. The artwork in this issue is absolutely gorgeous and these two artists deserve so many accolades for how much a swing they took with this approach to the art. The art does save this story in the issue which I felt was a mixed bag. On the one hand, I enjoyed seeing more of Barda, Zealot, and Cassie, but on the other hand I found the final battle with Megaera to be poorly paced and a rushed conclusion. I really loved what @1979semifinalist did in the scenes after the battle was finished, tying up many of the loose ends from the first issue which angry social media fans unfairly criticized her for before she even had a chance to tell her first arc. It ended with an intriguing cliffhanger that sets up the next arc in exciting fashion, though I’m sad this may mean the end for some of the Birds we’ve come to love in these first six issues (except Harley Quinn, who I hope gets some much needed time off 😉).
  • 70

    Lyles Movie Files

    More surprising was the reveal that this team is not locked in place as characters will rotate in and out. Thompson had a good handle on the cast so it’s a little disappointing they won’t have time to get in to more crazy adventures.
  • 50


    With the first arc finished, Birds of Prey starts on a more promising footing for its next arc. The seeds are planted for something really interesting, but I’m certainly proceeding with caution.
  • 45

    Weird Science DC Comics

    Birds Of Prey #6 ends the first arc with a big action moment, a new status quo for at least one character, and the groundwork for the title's future. That said, many of the plot points that didn't sit right in the beginning resulted in too many plot holes that are either ignored or lazily explained away, suggesting the Birds of Prey is NOT in capable hands.
  • 40

    DC Comics News

    While the ending of Birds of Prey #6 indicates there may be some hope for this title in future issues, the finale of this first arc reinforces the notion that Thompson isn’t all that interested in the Birds of Prey concept. It’s a disappointing first arc for the relaunch of a Birds of Prey title. The magic, mystical and time travel elements push the title further away from that core concept of the grounded, hand-to-hand combat, espionage, undercover mission that is central to the Birds of Prey concept. It would be better for Thompson to create a new team without damaging the Birds of Prey. A complete restart is the best option for this series, either as a proper Birds of Prey title, or a new team concept that fits what Thompson actually wants to write about.

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