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Beneath The Trees Where Nobody Sees #2 (of 6)

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Horrified to learn that she’s not the only serial killer in Woodbrook—and insulted, frankly, by the rookie’s flare for the dramatic—Samantha hits the pavement to silence the competition before they ruin her quiet, perfectly curated life. But the insufferable latte-chugging local busybody Cherry Gherkins is poisoning the town with her own theories about the murder, and things are about to get messy. Grab a cup of cocoa and curl up with the second chapter of Patrick Horvath’s twisted tale of a cozy animal community in crisis!

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    After the idyllic introduction to Woodbrook in issue #1, the mood in town quickly changes following the murder of one resident. A review of attitudes and responses provides readers with new characters to consider, as well as new potential clues and considerations. Whether it’s the thorough investigation of a sheriff on the scent or a turtle too frightened to poke his head out of his shell, the combination of human attitudes and animal attributes combine splendidly in Patrick Horvath’s artwork. Sam’s narration provides a chilling effect as it juxtaposes mundane and often warm actions with a frightful perspective. The inclusion of one new victim in this issue makes it clear to Sam and readers alike that this particular problem will only escalate until it’s resolved. From cover to cliffhanger, it makes for a suspenseful journey with an excellent payoff.

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