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Batman: White Knight Presents - Generation Joker #4 (of 6)

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Revenge is a dish best served cold! With the FBI hot on their tail and nowhere to go, Bryce and Jackie return to where it all began…Arkham Asylum. There, with the help of a reformed Victor Fries, they hope to save their fading father. Will science prevail or will Mr. Freeze take the opportunity to end The Joker’s reign in Gotham for good?

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38 pages
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7 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 84

    Batman on Film

    Overall, another fun and exciting entry in this spinoff story. The drama is ramped up, as well as the action and surprises.

  • 80

    You Don't Read Comics

    It’s taken a while for the story of Jackie and Bryce to pick up enough narrative momentum to build into something impressively engaging. By the fourth issue, all of the writers seem to have found a dynamic that works as the story progresses into some pretty poignant territory that explores certain inevitabilities inherent in the pantheon of heroes and villains inhabiting Gotham City.

  • 70

    Geek Dad

    As the White Knight saga nears its new arc, this mini has focused entirely on the Joker Twins, Jackie and Bryce, as they chase their father’s legacy. With the Joker program degraded and near its end, they seek out Mr. Freeze for help reviving Jack Napier—only to be met with a shocking betrayal. Mr. Freeze in this universe is pretty interesting, a morally complex character just like his main version, but with an even darker past. Meanwhile, Murphy is working towards introducing his own version of the Justice League in this world, and we see Diana Prince and John Stewart take a more active role as members of the FBI. However, this issue is plagued by one big problem—every character seems to make the most dramatic decision at any given moment, regardless of how much sense it makes, and that largely leaves us in the same place we previously were, just with a lot more shouting.

  • 70

    First Comics News

  • 60

    Dark Knight News

    Batman: White Knight Presents: Generation Joker #4 is an improvement on the last issue and I hope it keeps improving. By the end of the series, we should be back to White Knight Gotham’s full glory.

  • 45


    I keep reading this series with the understanding that the main story talks about a conflict that I’ll never relate to. At least not anymore. While stories meant for children can be great for any audience, this childhood feeling of needing to take control of your own narrative doesn’t really pack that much of a punch unless you really feel like it’s speaking to you. I think the story is serviceable but I’m not going to want to revisit this bump in the road and hopeful that it’ll continue to get better because the ending of this issue certainly works a lot better!

  • 40

    Generation Joker #4 begins to frame the miniseries’ finale as the Joker’s hard drive changes hands once more and the cast of characters rush ahead to their next location. However, the story beats already appear repetitive. Harley repeats how she regrets not telling the children about their father; the children rush away from protectors with seemingly no comprehension of the risks despite repeatedly encountering them; a handful of familiar White Knight figures appear to remind readers they still exist. It’s in this way that the middle segment of the miniseries seems to exist primarily to reach the 6-issue mark. As the assembled cast argues and repeats what they’ve said in every issue thus far, there’s a ticking clock with the FBI pounding down their door, but the countdown and urgency is forgotten across multiple pages of expository dialogue. When there’s little excitement to be found in the chase it simply leaves readers with the question: Are we there yet?

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