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Batman: Urban Legends #7

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The legend of Batman only begins with Bruce Wayne! For centuries to come different people will take up the mantle of Batman and defend the times they’re living in from all forms of villainy. See four of the finest Bats the future may offer! • In Neo-Gotham, Bruce Wayne lies murdered in the Batcave. Terry McGinnis-Bruce Wayne’s final protégé-will travel into the dark heart of Neo-Gotham to find who killed the greatest hero the city ever knew. • In Future State, Cassandra Cain just wants a moment to enjoy a hot meal but the Magistrate’s pursuit of her is relentless! • In a blasted future, the Dark Knight stands alone against a murderous gang threatening his ruined city…and their mysterious leader will be a shocker!

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8 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 95


    Is there any superhero that suits the futuristic spin as well as Batman? This book answers that question with four great Batman stories that play in sandboxes already created, but bring in new and clever ideas. If you’ve come to worship futuristic Batman, Batman: Urban Legends #7 is a cathedral of great ideas, visuals, and brilliant delights.

  • 90

    Geek Dad

    Overall, four great tributes to strange possible futures for the Bat.

  • 90

    When you consider the strength of all four stories, this is one of the best issues of Batman: Urban Legends thus far, and it proves how powerful and entertaining the anthology format can be.

  • 90

    But Why Tho?

    Batman: Urban Legends #7 paints different futures for the Dark Knight but ultimately shows that no matter the era, Batman will remain a constant. With a new Batman Beyond series teased for next year, this is one of the strongest issues thatUrban Legendshas put out so far.

  • 90

    Dark Knight News

    Batman: Urban Legends #7 is a catalog of things to come or imagined. The issue starts really strong and heavy with known entities such as Terry McGuinness and Damian (Whew… Batman 666 is going to be an AWESOME story) but it lost me with the Manga incarnation of Cassandra Cain and the Pluto story of a Batman of the distant future. However, you need to pick this gem up if nothing more for the setup of Batman Beyond and Batman 666. Those will be your crown jewels, and you may love the others too!

  • 75


    “Hunter…or Hunted” and “Batman with no name” weren’t exactly the best anthologies we’ve gotten so far in this series. As much as I enjoyed the Batman Beyond story, Batman: Urban Legends #7 isn’t on the same level as the previous six issues because it lacked that strong second story each of the prior ones had.

  • 65

    Comic Book Revolution

    Each creative team that worked on Batman: Urban Legends #7 showcased how strong the franchise is by the exploring the Batman legacy in different timelines and universes. The Batman Beyond story in particular does a lot of great work to make you want to see more stories from that universe. All in all, Batman: Urban Legends #7 is a yet another example of what has made this series such a joy to read since it started.

  • 60


    It’s strange, because it kind of gave me what I wanted (mostly standalone stories), but even then it wasn’t in the manner that I was expecting. That’s not always a bad thing, I just wish the overall package had been more consistent.

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