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Batman: Urban Legends #3

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• The mystery around Cole Cash and HALO deepens as Batman takes a more active role investigating the man known as Grifter. But other villains in Gotham have begun to notice what Grifter is up to, and they’re about to attempt an assassination! How long can the unlikely team-up between this Dynamic Duo last?
• The Outsiders epic reaches its end with the return of three iconic Outsiders: Black Lightning, Katana, and Metamorpho, all reunited to face down Katana’s mother-in-law! This finale will change the makeup of the Outsiders forever and set them on a new trajectory in the DC Universe!
• Red Hood and Batman fight over what they should do with the child who is now orphaned as a result of Red Hood’s temper. While they place the child temporarily under the care of Leslie Thompkins, she debates if she’s doing the right thing. Is she just looking after another Robin in training?

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12 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 90

    Comic Watch

    For years, Jason has been the center of action stories and epic moments but not many grounded stories or human moments. "Cheer" is exactly what he needs to flesh him out and define exactly who he is and what he stands for going forward. You cant give a final score before the finale but for my money, "Cheer" is en route to being among the best Jason Todd stories ever told.
  • 90

    But Why Tho?

    Batman: Urban Legends #3 continues to delve into the lives of the Dark Knight's friends and foes, hinting at a bright new future for the Outsiders. With "The Caretaker" wrapping up, I'm looking forward to what the next issue brings and what other creators will tackle in the lesser-known corners of Gotham City.
  • 90

    Dark Knight News

    Batman: Urban Legends #3 keeps making Gotham City the ultimate playground. It’s a perfect outlet for the Outsiders, Grifter gets some ink time and Red Hood continues his adventures, too. It all comes together neatly under Batman’s shadow. My best recommendation is to go back and get issues #1 and #2, them pick up #3.
  • 85


    Batman: Urban Legends remains a very strong anthology. The ongoing Red Hood and Grifter stories are particularly good.
  • 85

    Geek Dad

    The third issue of this oversized Batman anthology has two ongoing stories, one conclusion, and one new one-shot. Cheer Zdarsky seems to have a more nuanced take on Batman and Red Hood than most writers, with Jason trying to suppress his worst instincts and Bruce torn between protecting his son and protecting its criminals from him. The ongoing mystery is strong, but what’s stronger is the A+ character work. Death Wish While the story may be a little rushed with only ten pages, it ends with a great look at what Cass is doing during the whole thing that will make her fans very happy. It’s also a good follow-up to Shiva’s recent time with the Outsiders, where she moved into more of an antihero role. The Caretaker While this story was probably the lightest so far in this volume, it’s a good setup for the future of the team. In fact, the end indicates that a new team will be forming featuring these core three, Duke, and a fifth member to be named later in Fall 2021. The creative team seems to have a pretty solid handle on this crew. The Long Con Overall, it’s a fun story with some great action scenes, and this issue doesn’t really have any weak links.
  • 85

    Lyles Movie Files

    Urban Legends keeps deliver solid reads while making great use of the anthology format.
  • 84

    Forces Of Geek

    Overall, the whole book is worthwhile, and it is better than most anthologies out there.
  • 82

    The Super Powered Fancast

    Cheer A great continuation of the story that expertly chronicles the relationship between Bruce and Jason while also giving the reader insight into their wrought dynamic. The art is great and I love the different styles at play. Death Wish This is a great short story that has some awesome twists throughout. I love the style of the art as well because it lulls the reader in before the story takes its dramatic turn. The Caretaker As much as I like this story, this dance between Lightning and Katana is starting to get repetitive. The story teased an understanding and an opportunity that it didn’t deliver and as interesting and entertaining as the story is, that part of it either needs to be resolved or fade away. The Long Con Rosenberg does a great job of making Grifter interesting and layered as a character. While his motivations continue to be a mystery, you are engaged with his journey. The art is amazing and the action is full of energy.
  • 70

    DC Comics News

    Batman: Urban Legends #3 is uneven as most anthology books are. The art is beautiful on every page. There is technical brilliance here. Once again though, this series was acting as a set up for The Outsiders series coming soon. Sure, I want to read that book, but does everyone? Is this supposed to act as an old school anthology book or is it supposed to be a gateway drug to get people to buy more comics? Sure, it can be both, but sometimes, a story can be just a story. So far, those have been the strongest.
  • 65


    Batman: Urban Legends could yet be great, even though it's not risen above "pretty good" in its first three issues. I don't dislike this book, and it isn't exactly a chore to review, but it's difficult to write about because it could be so much more. With some truly amazing creative teams banding together to tell stories about Gotham's heroes and villains, this should be a grand slam. Instead, it's merely okay, just a fine book. Nothing less, and nothing more either, sadly.
  • 65

    Weird Science DC Comics

    This was a down issue of Batman: Urban Legends for me. The Red Hood story, usually my favorite, stalled a bit, and while I finally enjoyed the one-shot (a Lady Shiva one this time), the Outsiders story ended with a thud, and the Grifter one left me wanting more. But, if you are already buying this, it's hard not to continue. I wish I could recommend it to everyone.
  • 60

    Another month, another installment of Batman: Urban Legends in which the first two stories are complex and engaging, while the back half of the book falters and merely just exists.

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