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Batman: The Audio Adventures #5 (of 7)

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Batman scours the city in pursuit of the Demon’s Brood, who will not be satisfied until the sword they seek is purified with the blood of 13 souls.

Unfortunately, when all you have is an ancient ceremonial sword, everyone looks like a human sacrifice – and that means anyone in Gotham is a potential victim.

Meanwhile, Penguin calls on Killer Croc to collect on an old debt of gratitude.

All this and the Boy Wonder too in the next installment of the world’s greatest audio show picture magazine!

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Kindle Edition
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22 pages
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3 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    The Audio Adventures remains consistent. While there is nothing wrong with relying on a comfortable format, sometimes a plateau is a sign that we aren’t going anywhere. Personally, I like seeing bolder risks taken. However, I can understand the benefits of having a reliable series to fall back on. As a potential companion piece for the podcast, this is an easy recommendation, but it won’t be for everybody.

  • 80

    Geek Dad

    This intriguing alternate reality always reminded me a bit of Batman ‘66, but with some darker twists that mean anything can happen. This issue primarily focuses on Batman facing off against the mysterious enemies of Ra’s Al Ghul, who are determined to complete a dark ritual requiring thirteen very specific assassinations. Except, after a dramatic confrontation at the Gotham Arboretum, it becomes clear that these assassinations aren’t necessarily what was expected. Killer Croc continues to be the strongest part of this series, as the dark secret of his mysterious obsession with a tiny doll is revealed in a flashback to his alliance with Penguin. Penguin is an intriguing wild card here, manipulating Robin by convincing him he may be the lesser of all evils. All in all, this continues to paint a picture of a Gotham that’s just slightly askew from the one we know.

  • 60

    Dark Knight News

    Batman: The Audio Adventures #5 is a bit of a mish-mash. It has some truly excellent art, enthralling action scenes, and a decent cliffhanger ending, but is weighed down by the ridiculous Killer Croc storyline that really detracts from the central narrative. Hopefully, future installments will clarify Croc’s role in the story more, but until then it feels like a real drag.

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