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Batman: The Adventures Continue: Season Three #8

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Over the last three seasons, the minds behind the version of Gotham that defined a generation have brought you a continuation of their masterwork-and now that continuation comes to an end. Ra’s al Ghul’s mysterious plot has now been fully revealed, but will Batman be able to stop it in time? Or has the Dark Knight’s luck finally run out? Find out in this series finale over 30 years in the making!

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7 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    Dark Knight News

    Batman: The Adventures Continue #3.8 is a flawless Batman story worthy of the highest praise! I mean, the main cover is a direct tribute/homage to the cover of volume 1 ‘1 of the original Batman Adventures comic from way back in 1992! What more could anyone ask for?!? I’ll tell you what! A three issue arc to start the Adventures Continue and a three story arc to finish this wonderful run!

  • 95

    Batman on Film

    My thanks to Burnett, Dini, Templeton, Kubina, and all those who have brought some of that BTAS magic back to life over the last three years of comics. In that time, we have lost Kevin Conroy, David Warner, and Arleen Sorkin, but I heard their voices clearly as I read this issue. I suppose the adventures really do continue…

  • 90

    Geek Dad

    This has been one of the best surprises out of DC in recent memory, spanning about three years and three seasons as it revived the old animated series with two of the top writers from it. Not only did it capture the perfect dynamic and all the fan-favorite heroes and villains, but it brought in several major players who either weren’t used in the original series or didn’t even exist when it debuted.

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    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Burnett and Dini craft an exciting and impressive conclusion to this arc. The story is filled with great action and surprises. I loved all the reveals in the issue as well as the way the story handles both the temptation of Bruce Wayne and the conspiracy in Gotham. The story delivers on everything that made me love this arc as well as the series and I can’t wait to see where the writers take the story next.

    The Art: Templeton delivers fantastic art that reminds me why I love this series and the animated one that it is based on. The look of the Talons is amazing and the action is visually thrilling throughout.

  • 80

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Batman: The Adventures Continue Season Three #8 presents an excellent finale to this series. It does seem to retcon the events of Ra’s Al Ghul’s appearance in the Batman Beyond episode, “Out of the Past” though, but Dini and Burnett have said that they were approaching it from a perspective of if Batman Beyond hadn’t happened. Still, continuity sticklers may be bothered by the potential inconsistencies and trying to figure out if this series is canon with the DC animated universe at large. Nevertheless, it is still faithful to Timm and Dini’s original vision for Batman: The Animated series and BTAS fans will definitely enjoy this final issue.

  • 70


    While not all of the plot threads are fully realized, the story still feels satisfying as an ultimate finale. From Joker’s wacky hijinks earlier in the season to Ra’s’ grandiose master plan here, there’s enough of an exciting climax to make the ending feel worthwhile. With a smile and nod to camera, Batman and Robin’s drive off into the sunset moonset lets you know that, yes, the adventures will always continue.

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    First Comics News

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