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Batman: The Adventures Continue: Season Three #7

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The Court of Owls are back, and they’ve conscripted Man-Bat to join their fight against Batman! And while Batman faces off against the attacks of the Court, Bruce Wayne continues to be roped into Ra’s al Ghul’s mysterious scheme. Batman is besieged on all sides in this penultimate chapter!

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7 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    Dark Knight News

    Batman: The Adventures Continue #3.7 was a fantastic issue that left me wanting very little, yet screaming for the next chapter! The finale is going to be out of control!

  • 100

    Comic Crusaders

    The one thing about Batman, Superman, and many of the DC comics is that you usually know what you’re getting into. They’re either gonna be fighting the Joker, Lex Luthor, or the Dark Flash, so it starts becoming a little formulaic at times. That being said there are so many different creators working on these books that every so often you get some really awesome stories that manage to use this cast of characters in totally different ways and they are able to create really cool new stories that broaden the scope of what a DC story can be. I think there is something awesome about being able to create totally new stories inside such a predetermined world. The rules are so set in stone when it comes to titles like Batman, and yet every so often creators manage to bend them without breaking them and still create a story that is both believable (in the world of Batman) and still innovative, and I think this series is gearing up to be one of those stories.

  • 89

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: A fun, thrilling and thoroughly entertaining adventure from Burnett and Dini. The action is top tier and the tone of the issue continues the fantastic elements of the animated series while including new elements like the Court of Owls. I love both the mystery with Ras Al Ghul and the return of the Court of Owls and cannot wait to see how both of those challenges converge with Batman and his mission.

    The Art: All of the artists deliver some beautifully detailed art that perfectly captures the style of the animated series while elevating both its style and action.

  • 85

    Geek Dad

    We’re in the last act, with only one issue left after this one, and the writing team has definitely delivered a strong finale. As Batman considers Ra’s Al Ghul’s offer to take over his empire and turn it into a force for good once Ra’s dies, Gotham is under assault by the undead Court of Owls. The Talons have injured Catwoman, kidnapped Man-Bat, and are coming after Harley and Ivy in their home. This forces an unusual team-up between Batman and Ivy, who might be the only person who can find out the truth about Ra’s mysterious new engineered grain. While this issue doesn’t exactly have any huge new plot developments as it sets the stage for the finale, it does drop in on a surprising number of players from the series. You can tell that this creative team loves the original animated series, and is paying tribute to it with a long-form adventure that could never been done on TV.

  • 84

    Batman on Film

    I wasn’t as blown away by this installment as much as the last, but it still offers a lot of enjoyment for the reader. It still feels weird to me that Gotham had actually been enjoying some tranquility before this arc, but it adds to the feeling that something is escalating here. If this is it for this title, I appreciate the amount of world-building they have been doing. With one issue to go, I have faith that they can bring everything together for a satisfying conclusion.

  • 80

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Batman: The Adventures Continue Season Three #7 is another exciting adventure where enemies become uneasy allies. The stakes are high. It remains to be seen who the real big bad is. Has Hamilton Hill returned from the dead? Is Ra’s Al Ghul up to his old tricks? Or could there be an entirely new enemy for Batman to face? And what might Man-Bat have to do with it?

  • 75


    Batman: The Adventures Continue Season 3 #7 creates a compelling detective story where you’re never quite sure who can be trusted or what their end goal is. The tone may be a little uneven, but each part has a role to play in the larger mystery. Each of the various plot threads are woven together as everything is set up for the big finale.

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