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Batman - Santa Claus: Silent Knight #4 (of 4)

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It’s a Christmas Night Fight: The search for a stolen child leads to Santa versus Krampus in the final, climactic battle for the soul of Christmas! The Justice League are stretched thin battling the mightiest monsters of the ages when the true menace is revealed!

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8 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    Dark Knight News

    Batman and Santa Claus: Silent Knight #4 gives us all a new take on what Christmas means, and most certainly what the true spirit of the holiday is. I like the way the story of Krampus and Klaus was depicted and intertwined so interactively with the DCU. Each one of the interactions and reactions is genuine and heartwarming.

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    Geek Dad

    As the threat is eliminated and an old bond is restored, the series ends with a great and festive celebration for everyone involved—and the promise of more adventures. Can the DC Santa return every December for a new series like this?

  • 90

    The weirdest crossover of the holiday seasons ends on a footing as sentimental and endlessly-charming as its predecessor. The fight between the DC heroes and Krampus culminates in a character-driven, but slightly unexpected fashion, one that helps the series stick a landing rooted in genuine goodness and hope. That feeling is infectious, and the work from Jeff Parker, Danny Kim, Stephen Segovia, and company meets that sentiment wholeheartedly. I sincerely hope that Silent Knight becomes a perennial in the world of Christmas comics, because this proved to be an absolute delight that knew exactly what it needed to be.

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    Comic Watch

    Batman/Santa Claus: Silent Knight #4 concludes DCs best holiday event of all time, masterfully capturing the elements that make for a strong DC story and exude the holiday spirit.

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    But Why Tho?

    Batman/Santa Claus: Silent Knight #4 concludes a really cool crossover. It’s not just a tale trapped in its own timeline; this fits into DC’s canon and could have consequences. And even if this book tried to step away from tradition and cliches, it is what it has to fall on to finish, but it’s hard to resist a smile.

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    Nerd Initiative

    Marty: Batman – Santa Claus: Silent Night #4 beautifully weaves a festive narrative, skillfully blending entertainment and holiday spirit. The seamless collaboration of writing, art, colors, and letters results in an enchanting story, showcasing its power to captivate readers with its delightful holiday charm.

    Matt: This issue brings our league together to kick some anti-Christmas butt! I loved gathering everyone and showcasing the abilities of even Blue Beetle and just how powerful he is. This crew made this mini-run a must-read for years to come. Seeing Santa and Krampus as friends was a fun twist to me as well. This will be a re-read every holiday season.

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    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Parker brings this story to an entertaining and fun conclusion. There is a great sense of joy and heart at the center of this story and the subject matter makes for an engaging story. A great tale for the holiday season that revels in the fun of the subject through the eyes of the heroes.

    The Art: Kim and Segovia deliver beautifully detailed and visually thrilling art that works throughout the issue. I love how the visual styles complement each other.

  • 82

    Graphic Policy

    Batman/Santa Claus: Silent Knight #4 is a solid finale to the series. The story is fun and while the last few pages are expected, the story itself has some nice surprises. It’s filled with charm and cheer perfect for the holiday season. Hopefully, this one becomes a yearly tradition.

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