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Batman: Off-World #2 (of 6)

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Superstar creators Jason Aaron and Doug Mahnke’s brutal interstellar adventure continues as a young Bruce Wayne has journeyed to space to continue his development as Batman!

But when he winds up a prisoner of the War Storm, a massive starship filled with trained killers, can the Dark Knight find new allies to aid in his journey?!

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7 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    The Newest Rant

    I was surprised how much I enjoyed the first two issues of, “Batman: Off-World,” considering I’ve been burnt out on so many Bat-titles at some points. With a great hook and a stellar creative team, I perhaps should’ve expected this title would be a keeper!

  • 95

    Geek Dad

    As good as the character work is, the action in this title is world-class, with some of the best fight scenes in any book at DC right now plus a space escape that pushes Batman to is absolute limit and sends him to the next stage of his journey away from Synn’s ship—and into an incredibly hostile world that has very different threats waiting for him. Brilliant.

  • 85


    Batman: Off-World #2 is a brutal blast, showcasing the Dark Knight’s ability to adapt to any situation while ratcheting up the insanity. This issue ends with Batman in a seemingly hopeless situation, but given that this is the same man who survived having his spine snapped in two by Bane and Darkseid’s Omega Beams, his captors will have plenty to fear.

  • 80

    Derby Comics

    Jason Aaron’s Batman-in-space story didn’t look back after sending the Dark Knight straight into a galactic prison cell in the first issue. This story isn’t taking itself too seriously and isn’t really setting any rules for what happens in this. We’re just getting Batman beating the crap out of aliens. Does it make sense? Not really. Is it pure fun once you embrace the absurdity? Absolutely. Pencil work by Doug Mahnke, inks by Jaime Mendoza, and colors by David Baron bring it all to life with a vibrancy befitting the out-of-this-world story. The alien races look create and there are several pages worthy of pausing for a few minutes to appreciate, including the final page setting us up for the next chapter.

  • 70


    This was definitely an improvement over last issue, let’s keep that going!!

  • 60

    Dark Knight News

    Overall, Batman: Off-World #2 is a fun diversion that doesn’t seem to ever rise above its premise. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it may be an indicator that this series could become a forgettable adventure. I hope that’s not the case.

  • 50

    Batman: Off-World #2 excels at showing just how adaptable Batman really is in not only the most tired situations but the weirdest ones. There’s also a significant amount of action and fighting if that’s something you really need in your Batman stories and it’s well-executed, but beyond that, the issue seems to be settling into this place of really just trying to be Batman’s version of Warworld. It’s not necessarily bad. It’s actually kind of an interesting read and it certainly makes for a nice contrast to everything going on in the main continuity, but the plot feels thing and I’m already wondering how long the overall conceit of things will carry.

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