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Batman Incorporated #8

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What’s Batman without the Joker? Why does Batman get to have Batmen all over the world, when Joker only has Gotham? Well, the end of Batman’s global monopoly is approaching.

The Joker is here to disrupt his enterprise with the launch of Joker Incorporated! Australia gets a Joker! China gets a Joker! England gets a Joker! Australia gets a Joker! Argentina gets a Joker! France gets a Joker! Everyone gets a Joker!

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9 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 95

    Lyles Movie Files

    Writer Ed Brisson has done a stellar job establishing the personalities of the team. Even better, my lone gripe about last issue might not actually play out. Like that line in Dark Knight “Sometimes people deserve to have their faith rewarded.” I won’t make that mistake again with Brisson’s writing. He’s better than playing into cliches especially concerning Batman and his supporting cast.


    Thankfully, returning artist Jon Timms doesn’t give all the global Jokers green hair and clown makeup. There was thought in their designs to make them individuals just like the Batman Inc. members aren’t just palette swapped Batman clones.

    Maybe the one sticking point with the title is Ghost-Maker is in need of a redesign. His costume stood out before when he debuted, but he’s standing out in a bad way now on Batman Inc. as the leader who just so happens to have the worst costume of the team.

    Timms is back as the main artist for the book following a superb guest stint from Michelle Bandini. Timms has a wilder, less restrained style that works with this kind of story where Joker is on the heavy offensive and siccing his new allies on the loose. Rex Lokus’ colors are especially useful with the costumes of the Joker Inc. members.

    It’ll be interesting to see if Brisson uses the arrival of The Joker as an avenue for a quick Batman cameo/team-up or show how competent Batman Inc. is in tackling his greatest rogue without his help.

  • 88

    Comic Watch

    The setup in this issue is wildly exciting and leaves a lot of questions coming up for the next issue. As long as Brisson and Timms lead the story in a way that makes it very distinct and different from the previous arc, this story should be a success that will leave a lot of fans ecstatic.

  • 83

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: An intense and entertaining new mission for Batman Incorporated and Brisson has crafted some interesting moments throughout the plot that got my attention as a reader. It was only a matter of time before Ghost-Maker would run into Joker and this new arc crafts an introduction filled with tension and thrills. As much as I have not really been into the proliferation of Joker in comic lately, his presence in this arc is intriguing enough to make me want to see more.

    The Art: Timms delivers some bright, vibrant and brilliantly detailed art throughout the story. I love the visual style of the issue and how it captures the dark menace of the characters as well as the visually engaging action.

  • 80

    The Batman Universe

    Batman Incorporated #8 was a roller coaster. Between the last story being wrapped up so quickly and now we are jumping right back into the team dealing with another team to face off against, there is a lot happening.

    The majority of the characters that are part of Joker’s new team are new to the DC Universe as well. It does not go without saying that, oddly, all the members of a Batman team have a villain with similar theming to Joker. But I will not hold it against them, as the introduction of new characters is always welcome.

    One thing that is great about a team book is that you don’t have to spend too much time on characters that aren’t as interesting because there are plenty of other characters to give focus to. That said, it can also be its downfall as well as when you have not only the titular team needing character development but then a new full team of villains to set up; it is a juggling act.

    That said, this new team seems promising for fans of the Joker and the international flare that will come with the new team. I can’t wait for the next issue.

  • 80

    Geek Dad

    What’s the logical outcome of too many Batmen? Too many Jokers. With Batman Inc. having completed their first two missions under Ghost-Maker, they now come under attack by a mysterious group of clown-themed villains. One has already attempted to assassinate Chief Man-Of-Bats, leaving his son bent on revenge, while the French Batman Nightrunner comes under attack by a psychotic and theatrical Joker who has hijacked an entire circus. It’s not clear if this is the real Joker behind it—the one who appears near the end seems fake somehow, a little too slick—but the alternate Jokers are interesting. The one thing I’m enjoying most about this series is the little moments of bonding between various Bats, such as Knight surprising one Bat with a gift from his home country and the sitcom-esque interactions between Ranger and Wingman. Overall, still a solid read.

  • 80

    Dark Knight News

    Batman Incorporated #8 Covered a lot of ground, ticked a lot of boxes and introduced 5 new plot threads. I just hope that this start can be followed by a deserving end.

  • 80

    After quite some time of teasing the “Joker Incorporated” arc, it has finally arrived – along with half a dozen other narrative nuggets. Along the way, the team’s interpersonal dynamics and sense of identity begin to gradually be explored, which is both a welcome revelation (especially given how Ghost-Maker-heavy the first arc was) and a little underwhelming. Still, there’s just enough that’s flashy and intriguing here to keep fans enticed for more, especially with John Timms’ lively art.

  • 65


    I have always wanted Batman Inc. to face a challenge from an opposing collective. Nevertheless, I never wanted it to have anything to do with the Joker. Despite my apprehension, there is endless potential for character development in facing Batman’s most intimate foe. Which some may hope includes taking the wind out of Ghost-Maker’s sails. Ed Brisson sets up a compelling jeopardy for the team to overcome analyzing identity and the bigger picture. Despite Joker Inc. populating its roster with nobodies, the home team finally receives the narrative attention they deserve. If executed properly, Joker may actually set Batman Incorporated in a positive direction.

  • 23

    Major Spoilers

    If there were a character at the center to hold this all together, even if that character were as big a jerk as Ghost-Maker, it could work, but Batman Incorporated #8 opens with the fourth or fifth instance thus far in the series where the ostensible leader denigrates his teammates, followed by hurried exposition in groups of two and three, with art that just doesn’t get the job done for me. There are moments within the issue that could be great, but they’re too sporadic and too overwhelmed by the parts that don’t work to call it successful.

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