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Batman Incorporated #7

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No one is safe as Professor Pyg continues his warpath across Gotham. Meanwhile, Ghost-Maker has the worst Gotham has to offer in his grasp and must decide whether to keep his promise to Bruce or end their reign of terror-for good. Can Batman Inc. find Pyg in time to save the city? Will Ghost-Maker fall back into his old ways? Guest-starring Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin, and more of Gotham’s finest. And as if that weren’t enough-the road to Joker Inc. begins here!

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10 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 96

    You Don't Read Comics

    Brisson and company direct the flow of traffic quite well in the course of the issue. The group of crime fighters all come across as being distinct and dynamic in the larger flow of action. No one moment feels too rushed or too heavy-handed, which is particularly impressive given the weird buffet of different personalities laid out between the covers of a very, very busy series of action scenes.

  • 95

    Lyles Movie Files

    This issue, Ghost-Maker and the team are still tracking down Professor Pyg as he is about to kill two young thieves for stealing his most murderous automaton yet. As usual, writer Ed Brisson shows an impressive handle on the characters and making them unique enough to validate their roles in the team. Considering no one on this team has any super powers, that’s very commendable.

    Brisson gets pacing as well. So far, no arc has dragged out too long or felt too short. He’s breaking them down just right regardless of how many issues it takes. And his character work has been even better in how their voices are starting to form and play out in recognizable fashion in different scenarios.

    Michelle Bandini really needs to be on a title long-term for DC. His art was outstanding in these last two issues. Batman Inc. really looked good under his pencils. Since this title isn’t an option, DC should seriously consider Bandini for any and all open team books as he had no trouble juggling a variety of characters and making them all stand out. From the perspectives, expressions and crisp action sequences, this has been the best the book has looked since its inception.

    Colorist Rex Lokus provides just the right mix of bright and dark colors as fitting for the particular scene. Letterer Clayton Cowles also does solid work in aiding with the personalities of the characters.

    The development on the final few pages was a little annoying as it’s a plot device that’s been done to (literal) death too many times. Maybe Brisson can do something fresh with it, but it really would have been stronger to leave that as an enjoyable unique aspect of a Batman title. It’s the only downside to another exceptional issue from one of DC’s rising must-read books.

  • 89

    Comic Watch

    The writing by Brisson in the series so far has been enjoyable, to say the least. The first five issues had that spy-thriller, Mission: Impossible feel to it that any fan of that genre can enjoy. It’s clear in issues 6 and 7 that they’re going to go adjust the focus from a spy-thriller mystery to more of a crime noir mystery given what we know about the upcoming series and where the story is heading.

    Overall, the writing structure is wonderfully paced, going back and forth between the two main storylines in a way that gives you enough of what you need and then breaks away to what’s going on with the other members of Batman Incorporated. Within each group, the reader can enjoy the relationships and character development that builds within the issue itself as well as the arching story, especially with the development of El Gaucho’s views on Ghost-Maker and the growth of Clownhunter. There’s even a great moment where Ghost-Maker tries to be a better leader by doing something he told would help team morale, even if it is clearly insincere on the surface (probably the highlight of the story). If there’s anything to be weary of, there is one corny villainous line that shows up here with Professor Pyg (“this little piggy will have roast thief,” the inspiration for the article’s title), but readers can handle having one corny line that actually works well in this instance. (…) This issue is clearly setting up for the next major event that will happen for Batman Incorporated. Although our time with Professor Pyg is up after this issue, readers will be nothing short of excited to see what lies ahead for this superhero team.

  • 85

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Brisson does a great job of ramping up the action and thrills in this story as well as set the stage for some new and interesting things to come both from the team itself as well as the side characters and their connections. I liked seeing Clownhunter come into his own as an investigator in this issue and I continue to enjoy seeing Ghost-Maker struggle with his promise to Batman while seeing the problems left behind in his wake.

    The Art: Bandini has a unique and engaging visual flair and it works really well for this story and these characters. I really enjoyed the visual style of the issue and imagery does a fantastic job of showcasing the power and skill of the characters.

  • 80

    Geek Dad

    The choice of Professor Pyg as the second villain for this series after Phoenix-One was something I wasn’t sure about, as the character is over-the-top and absurd in a way that even stretches things in Gotham. Fortunately, he’s not the main character here—he’s just the plot that kicks things in motion, as he tears through Gotham kidnapping villains to find who stole his bizarre “mother” figurine. As Ghost-Maker hunts down the missing villains and contemplates whether he should follow Bruce’s code and let them leave alive, Clown-Hunter tries to keep the two idiot thieves who got involved in the heist from getting killed. Clown-Hunter is the best part of this series, as we get some intriguing segments that remind us he’s just a kid lost in a world of violence. Ghost-Maker also continues to be intriguing, caught between villain and hero. The ending gives us the logical outcome of a Batman Inc existing—and features a surprising death. It’s an interesting bridge between the two main arcs.

  • 80

    Dark Knight News

    Batman Incorporated #7 was over too soon, and I want more of the same, please. I’m very excited for the next storyline, because it feels like it could be great, but it could also fall massively flat. Only time will tell. #NoSpoilers

  • 80

    First Comics News

  • 70

    With the growing pains of the first arc seemingly out of the way, Batman Incorporated is now able to come into its own as the weird extended family member of the Batman family. This issue turns the Professor Pyg storyline into not only an action-packed showcase for most of the core team, but a character-driven interlude for stories to come. Ed Brisson’s script might be a little too straightforward at points, but this is still one of the stronger issues of the series thus far.

  • 65


    I believe Ed Brisson partly addresses my hopes for this arc to refocus on the team and develop their chemistry. This storyline allows readers to get more of an understanding of Raven Red and Clownhunter’s feelings. In contrast, I think Ghost-Maker’s character becomes far more worrying. While the action is entertaining and fun to look at, I don’t support Batman Inc. revisiting Gotham at all. This issue literally illustrates that there are far too many heroes that live in Gotham to need Batman Inc. sniffing around as well. Overall, while the story seems to be on a good track, there is a long way to go before it feels like the right direction. I sincerely hope Joker Inc. is the arc that sets the pace that brings the book up to speed!

  • 60

    The Batman Universe

    Batman Incorporated #7 this month felt shorter due to the number of pages that focused on Clownhunter. While it seems that this short two-issue arc was just a quick story moving forward a potential conflict between the Batman Inc team and the Bat-Family, there wasn’t much else that happened. It was good to see Ghost-Maker’s face and see the anger that he has for the Bat-Family, but I’m left wondering how long until the story threads get picked up.

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