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Batman Incorporated #6

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Based on 9 critic ratings.

Someone has stolen from Professor Pyg, and he’s ready to burn down Gotham to get his property back.

Everyone is a suspect, and everyone will pay.

With Batman gone, Batman Incorporated must return to Gotham before the city is nothing more than ashes.

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9 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 95

    Lyles Movie Files

    Writer Ed Brisson has clearly found his stride with Batman Inc.

    Not that earlier issues were underwhelming, but Brisson feels like he’s got a full command of his character’s distinct voices and personalities now. It’s made a book where Ghost-Maker could easily overwhelm a weaker supporting cast a strength. (…) Michele Bandini, who’s largely worked for Marvel, makes his debut as the artist. Bandini is spelling regular artist John Timms for a pair of issues, but Bandini’s ultra clean style seems like a more natural fit for this eclectic group of characters. Hopefully issue 7 won’t be the last time Bandini works on a Batman Incorporated. Rex Lokus’ color work remains bold with some nice combinations and vibrant blends.

    Batman Incorporated has quietly become one of my more anticipated titles each month.

  • 91

    Comic Watch

    The story continues what makes the previous arc successful in the new arc: mystery, action, drama, pulling you in for the ride at every possible moment with a group of characters that you’ll love. Although there is a disconnect with the previous issue and some unclear decisions on the art, the issue has already proven that the next arc of Batman Incorporated will be another exciting spy thriller.

  • 86

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Brisson crafts a thrilling and entertaining story in this issue. I liked seeing Ghost-maker with an actual agenda for his team and the tension between him and Clownhunter continues to be interesting. Pyg’s inclusion in the story was well done and I liked him as the antagonist. The twist at the end is definitely enough to make me interested in seeing what happens next.

    The Art: Bandini delivers some great art in the issue. The look of the city is perfect and the characters are visually dynamic throughout.

  • 80

    Geek Dad

    After the emotionally-packed first arc, which revealed Ghost-Maker’s dark past in the form of Phantom One, it’s time for a new mission. The infamous Gotham villain Professor Pyg has been robbed, and has decided to tear his way through the Gotham crime scene to find the culprit. Pyg is… a lot, and I’m usually not a big fan. The David Lynch-inspired conclusion just adds to that, but what surrounds him in this issue is compelling. Ghost-Maker deputizes the team to find the stolen quarry before Pyg does, but this is complicated by his estrangement from Clownhunter, who refuses to work directly with him. Ghost-Maker is still rather officious and doesn’t seem to have actually learned much from the last arc—not that I’d necessarily want him to change—so this issue’s strongest suit is the quiet moments featuring characters like Raven Red and Clownhunter as they develop outside of his orbit. It’s a decent issue, but this arc doesn’t immediately seem to have the same hook as the first.

  • 80

    After the first arc of Batman Incorporated felt like it simultaneously covered so much, but so little, this week’s issue feels like the best showcase yet of its ongoing concept. The installment sees Ghost-Maker and the rest of Batman Inc. divide and conquer to stop Professor Pyg’s latest rampage of carnage – a premise that evokes the Gardner Fox-esque structure of Silver Age DC stories, while still giving each team member a moment to shine. If Ed Brisson, Michele Bandini, and company keep up this momentum, this book will have definitely won me over.

  • 80

    Dark Knight News

    Batman Incorporated #6 gave us a great villain, a team of heroes, a few cameos, and mentioned other characters in a shared universe. At this point, if you want more you’re just greedy!

  • 65


    It’s interesting how the story here gets you thinking about Ghost-Maker’s point of view. Typically a loner, he’s actually thinking about making his team better and effectively puts them ahead of beating the villain. You might call that character growth, although being a sociopath, it’s hard to gauge if Ghost-Maker is growing or not.

    Unfortunately, this issue lacks a big action scene or spectacle. It’s mostly Batman Incorporated team members chatting away as they attempt to find Pyg. Throw in the fact that Professor Pyg kidnaps multiple Batman rogues off the page, effectively doing some impressive work that feels unearned, and you have an issue that’s mostly establishing rules and character temperatures. That isn’t to say the story arc itself won’t be entertaining, but for a first issue, it lacks a level of entertainment.

    Batman Incorporated #6 is a decent start to a new story arc showcasing Professor Pyg and Ghost-Maker’s unorthodox teaching style. This first issue lacks action scenes, though, spending most of its time working on characters through conversation.

  • 65


    Batman Incorporated leaves its first arc stronger than it began. Although it has many cons in the setup, the book has made a pleasing shift to lean into its strengths. Brisson and Bandini are confidently leading the team into the next arc with a better look, rhythm, and mystery for readers. No, sending numerous international crime fighters to find Professor Pyg in Gotham and Bldhaven is not clever at all. However, I think the overall treatment of the cast and story is a stand out improvement worthy of encouragement. I hope that the next issue can continue down a good path, and not just exaggerate how dangerous Professor Pyg can be.

  • 60

    The Batman Universe

    I think Batman Incorporated #6 was good, as it was a breath of fresh air after the Phantom-One arc. The main issue with the story is I can’t see where it is going. It isn’t that there can’t be more issues, but almost everything that is being investigated and built up is essentially concluded by the end of the issue. Sure, the boys need to be saved by Batman Inc., but that doesn’t seem to be enough for this to continue for an arc.

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