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Batman: Gotham Knights - Gilded City #6 (of 6)

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You’ve seen the Gotham of the past and present as it is ravaged by the Golden Iris Virus, menaced by villains across time, and protected by its respective heroes. Now, in this final pulse-pounding issue, see this story that has spanned centuries come to a close, and bear witness to the events that lead to the hit game!

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    Geek Dad

    The conclusion to this video game tie-in continues to deliver a compelling story that has more on its mind than the game. Splitting its story between the present day, where the Bat-family is busy trying to track down the masterminds behind the deadly “FOMO” virus, and the past when the Runaway has been forced to cut a deal with Vandal Savage to rescue Vivian Foxworthy from the Court of Owls, it succeeds because it manages to give us some intriguing characters and beats we probably won’t see in the game. This issue has a shocking last-act twist about who’s been helping the Bats in the present that throws everything for a loop, but Narcisse’s deft writing carries it over the last few pages. The ending feels a bit rushed, especially given what we know comes next, but it contains some great moments for just about every member of the Bat-family here.

  • 80


    I’ve enjoyed Evan Narcisse’s work for a long time, and I’m definitely not about to stop now. I know I just keep saying this, but this series is way better than a tie-in comic had any right to be. It gives us a real, interesting look at the world of Gotham Knights, not only managing to flesh out the characters and their stories, but add completely new ones, all while adding to the narrative of the game. It’s a really incredible feat, and I’m extremely impressed. (…) That little side tangent aside, though, I think we have a very solid last issue! Abel and John keep the reader’s eye glued to the page, while Narcisse’s fast-paced, intense action keeping them turning. Every page of this last issue was an action-packed ride, and comes with some of the coolest art yet! (…) Like I said, I’m not sad to see this series go specifically, but it is a little bittersweet knowing that this is the end for the Gotham Knights universe (at least for now!). I hope we get to see this team work together again in the future, though.

  • 80

    Narcisse and Abel were able to take their “homework assignment” of creating a comic book based on a video game and inject some serious thoughtfulness and storytelling into its bones. The creative team uses the final issue to fuse the past and the present in a unique way. It seems like a nigh impossible task to add new characters that would stick in Gotham thanks to its long history over the decades, but I do hope to see The Runaway return at some point, especially when it comes to the present incarnation and how said hero now operates in Batman’s home territory. A solid end to a solid series.

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