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Batman: Gotham Knights - Gilded City #5 (of 6)

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Infected with the Golden Iris Virus, Red Hood’s innermost desires have bubbled to the surface, and he is overcome by one thing: the desire for revenge against Batman!

Elsewhen, in the Gotham of the 1800s, the Runaway and Vandal Savage continue their investigation into the mysterious illness overtaking the city.

Join us for this penultimate chapter in the prequel to the action-packed game Gotham Knights.

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4 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 80

    Geek Dad

    The penultimate issue of this video game tie-in continues to be strong, with the flashback segments delving into an era where Gotham was a waystation for freed and escaped slaves—and brutal slave-hunters who didn’t care whether a Black person had the right paperwork or not. The mysterious Runaway’s identity is finally revealed this issue, and it’s a good twist. In the present day, the search for the source of the mysterious “FOMO” plague finds both Jason and Tim in dire straits as the villains close in. Vandal Savage connects the two plots neatly, although Tim’s story often just finds him fighting some generic goons. Bruce going after an infected Jason has some nice emotional punch, as we get a good feeling for Bruce’s regrets as he tries to stop history from repeating itself. Of course, we have a pretty good idea how this story is going to end, and the beats are neatly set up for that here.

  • 80

    Gilded City remains a prime example of how to take a video game tie-in, add interesting, original elements, and run with it as Narcisse and Abel are able to do once again via this solid issue. What this latest story does suffer from is a few too many flashbacks in terms of darting between stories that take place years before the current present arc, notwithstanding the Gotham that existed long before Batman took up the cape and cowl. Still, this makes for a minor quibble as Evan Narcisse has a clear understanding of what he’s working with and Abel supplies some of the best artwork of the mini-series so far here.

  • 80

    Comic Crusaders

    The writing is actually a little better than what I experienced in the game, and that’s no surprise because one of the writers from the game Evan Narcisse actually penned the script for this comic; hats off to him; he kept me engaged while I flipped pages over my coffee. (…) If you enjoyed the video game or just DC comics in general, definitely pick this up once part six concludes the story.

  • 65


    This has been a really solid mini. This issue stumbled a little bit with some awkward exposition, but there were enough intriguing reveals that I’m hooked for the finale!

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