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Batman: Gotham Knights - Gilded City #4 (of 6)

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The Golden Iris Virus maintains its stranglehold on Gotham City, with its manic victims now descending upon a car dealership with explosive results for the Bat-Family.

Elsewhen, in the Gotham City of the 1800s, Runaway finds themselves in a shaky alliance with Vandal Savage, who holds clues to the origins, and possibly the antidote, to the strange illness plaguing the city across centuries.

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    Geek Dad

    This series continues to punch above its weight as a video game tie-in, mostly thanks to its most intriguing original character—the Runaway. This character, potentially Gotham’s first vigilante during the days of the Underground Railroad, has found himself up against the Court of Owls and now has cut a devil’s bargain with the immortal Vandal Savage. Savage is on the trail of the shard that gave him his immortality, and he believes it lies with one of Gotham’s most prominent families. The Runaway breaks into their bases, and takes the opportunity to right some social wrongs in dramatic fashion. By contrast, the present-day segments mostly have the Bat-family running after clues in the strange FOMO plague, with Jason Todd heading abroad to investigate a country that will be familiar to Bat-fans. The whole thing comes together into a strong whole, but I’m hoping Narcisse gets to expand on the Runaway in the future.
  • 80

    The creative team behind Gilded City, Evan Narcisse and Abel, took their assignment of creating a video game tie-in series and expanded upon it to create a living, breathing story that does well at exploring a time in Gotham's history that has otherwise remained a mystery. With this recent issue continuing to tie-in DC lore to this tale set in the past, the conversation between "The Runaway" and Vandal Savage is the best moment of the latest story, though there is plenty to like here. Much like the issues before it, the past storyline far exceeded that of the present, but the series justifies its existence enough times to make it a worthy addition to DC's comics library.

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