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Batman: Beyond the White Knight #8 (of 8)

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It all ends here!

With the future of Gotham City at stake, Bruce Wayne leads an attack on the Wayne-Powers building to take down Blight and his minions once and for all.

And with the new Batman, the Robins, and GCPD’s Barbara Gordon at his side, anything seems possible.

But not all endings will be happy: Bruce is still an escaped felon, and the FBI is hot on his tail.

Could this be the end of Batman?

Not if the mysterious Agent Prince has anything to say about it!

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11 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    Dark Knight News

    Batman: Beyond The White Knight #8 delivers the perfect end to another amazing series. I can’t wait to buy this one in hardback to add to the collection.

  • 100

    Comics: The Gathering

    Overall, Batman Beyond the White Knight #8 is an exceptional final chapter to this arc with fast paced action, excitement, and humor bundled with a beautiful visual aesthetic that really sets this comic apart from any other Batman comic on shelves. One of the most exciting issues in the White Knight universe that ends on a high note that will leave readers in awe.

  • 100

    I should admit my hopes were absurdly high for the conclusion of Batman: Beyond The White Knight finale, and yet I’m delighted to say issue #8 impressively met those hopes and perhaps even soared past. Sean Murphy, Dave Stewart, and Andworld Design delivered an epic finale that had all the high octane thrills you expect from a Bat Family adventure as well as the heartwarming and unexpectedly poignant moments that have become White Knight’s calling card, and by the way, it all looked stunning. (…) The fact that this universe is continuing delights me to no end, and Batman: Beyond the White Knight showcases just why this universe is so special.

  • 100

    Get Your Comic On

    The perfect finale. With each new instalment in the White Knight universe Murphy steps up his game. The final issue of Beyond the White Knight is truly blockbuster material. A huge-scale season finale which ties up all the loose ends and sets up a brilliant next chapter in World’s Finest.

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    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Murphy crafts an action packed, intense and fun finale for this story. The world of these characters continues to be a unique ride for fans and I love the character moments as well as the great action beats. I think the character realizations are awesome and I love how the story transitions into some new mysteries with new characters that make me excited to see what’s next for this Batman and his mission.

    The Art: Murphy delivers some beautiful art on every page of the issue. The visuals are vibrant, exciting and brilliantly detailed.

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    Batman on Film

    By the issue’s end, I can firmly say BATMAN: BEYOND THE WHITE KNIGHT continues a fascinating story in this contained world where you’re prepared for twists and turns, yet still, get whiplash.

    And that’s a compliment in the highest regards.

    So what’s next for the Murphyverse? Well, the creator may have given us some insight back on BOF Podcast #202 (Listen here), but you can also read the issue, as Murphy reveals the plans at the end.

    From this fan, I’m already sold. What he’s done with the character, cementing his own corner in Batman’s history, never skipping a beat, I’ll follow wherever it leads.

    Murphy and Batman are in a league of their own. For now.

  • 90


    An exciting, bombastic, and emotionally anchored finale makes Batman Beyond the White Knight #8 another fun hit for the Murphyverse.

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    First Comics News

  • 89

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Batman: Beyond the White Knight #8 provides a great sendoff for this story of the bat-family and the re-imagined Batman Beyond origin, and also leaves the door open for future spinoff stories featuring cameos from a few Justice Leaguers at the end. It gets to the heart of who Batman is, both the character of Bruce Wayne, his legacy, and the symbol of the Dark Knight, and what that ultimately stands off. Murphy did a fantastic job telling this story.

  • 75

    Geek Dad

    The conclusion of this latest round of White Knight minis is basically all action, all the way down. The Bat-family is finally united, including new recruit Terry McGinnis and the computer program based on Jack Napier who has been haunting Batman. The target? Supervillain Derek Powers, in an explosive final showdown. There are some surprisingly good moments here, especially involving Terry as he finally makes the choice of which legacy he actually wants to follow. The banter between some of the Bat-family is fun, and new Robin Gan is a blast. It seems like there’s so much going on that it’s hard to believe the series is wrapping up—because it’s not. The final few pages of the oversized issue are basically a barrage of cameos that seem to be setting up a shared universe of spin-offs, new heroes, and an alternate DCU that doesn’t fit at all what we’ve seen before. Just an odd alternate universe all around.

  • 40


    I’m afraid this series is the one that killed the interest I originally had in the White Knight universe. I’d be curious to see Murphy write a Batman book where he wasn’t doing the art. Would the reception be as positive then? I don’t think so.

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