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Batman Beyond: Neo-Gothic #6 (of 6)

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The dark heart of the Garden is revealed. Donovan Lumos’s City of Light brings forth a terrible darkness. Neo-Gotham will fall. And the future of Batman will rise.

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    I hope that we get to see more of Kyle going forward, as he is a fantastic addition to this universe. It remains to be seen whether or not he will continue to be by Terry’s side when Batman Beyond eventually returns, but I would think it to be a missed opportunity if he wasn’t. The entire creative team should be proud of the fantastic, tragic and touching story they have told in this series that has left me wanting more.

  • 90

    Batman Beyond: Neo-Gothic leaps into its action-packed finale and never turns back, delivering a high-octane thrill-ride of a conclusion that still packs an emotional punch. Writers Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing highlight the climactic battle on two fronts, and both carry their own approaches and styles. Batman looks to save as many as he can on the surface and turn the tide of the battle utilizing every tool at his disposal, and the tool that manages to make that happen not only delivers an awesome final battle but also opens the door for major world ramifications down the line. Meanwhile below Kyle and Constantine wage a different kind of battle, one much more rooted in loss, love, and grief. As their exchanges play out, the heart of their story begins to shine through, leading to a beautifully tragic moment that artist Max Dunbar and colorist Rain Beredo absolutely stunned with, though their in the issue overall is also nothing but praise-worthy. Batman Beyond: Neo-Gothic came out of nowhere and delivered the one of a kind Batman story I didn’t know I needed, and hopefully it’s not too long before we see where this world and its lovely cast of characters goes next.

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    Dark Knight News

    Batman Beyond: Neo-Gothic #6 rounds out the story well enough to leave the future of Gotham open for any creator to do anything. The stakes should matter, but this vision of Gotham has been left open to any narrative. It’s left this particluar reader and reviewer with enough heroic spirit to inspire anyone into heroic action. So, as always, I’m hungry for more tales set in this Neo-Gotham.

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    Geek Dad

    Lanzing and Kelly wrap up their second Batman Beyond mini with a bang, as Terry heads to the surface to take on the massive overgrowth caused by none other than an undead John Constantine—desperately holding on to life by doing some horrible things. At some point, a whole magic crossover event broke out in this series, which is definitely not what I was expecting here. In many ways, Lanzing and Kelly are the writers who have taken Terry into adulthood, and he takes a pretty shocking step this issue to determine the kind of Batman he’s going to be. His potential relationship with police officer Beam Boonma is interesting, but the bond of his that felt the most genuine this run has been his partnership with the young splicer who was formerly Constantine’s mentee. Is this the start of an unconventional Batman/Robin bond? I’m hoping we get to find out in a third mini.

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    Batman Beyond: Neo-Gothic‘s finale ends as frustrating and pointless as the rest of the series. Batman’s story is relegated to an irrelevant brawl between swaths of nameless action figures that accomplish nothing. The focus, instead, is given to the relationship between Kyle the Catboi and a John Constantine whose motivations are both hackneyed and unrecognizable to the character you know and love. The best part of this story is that it’s over.

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