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Batman Beyond: Neo-Gothic #5 (of 6)

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As Neo-Gotham above falls under the unstoppable shadow of Donovan Lumos’s City of Light, Batman faces down the monster that lives in Gotham’s heart: the Garden! With the combined powers of Swamp Thing, Poison Ivy, and Black Orchid, the Garden’s motivations are finally revealed…as is the tragic figure that lives at its center. Has Batman gone so far into the darkness that he can never return? Is it time for Terry McGinnis to join Bruce Wayne in the Garden’s endless embrace?

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5 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 91

    Comic Watch

    Batman Beyond: Neo-Gothic #5 does its job effectively. It doesn’t have the same depth in character exploration (though the Lumos scene is quite revealing), but it does what it has to as a penultimate issue: set up an high stakes finale.

  • 90

    Dark Knight News

    Batman Beyond Neo-Gothic #5 ends the issue with near-apocalyptic implications for this futuristic city. This is a truly dire state of affairs but handled by Dunbar’s art and Beredo’s swirling colors, with strange magical plants amidst neon buildings, it all looks wonderful. I truly don’t know how this situation will be resolved but anything can happen and I’m truly excited to see the next chapter.

  • 80

    Geek Dad

    As Terry and Kyle reach the core of the Garden and are confronted by a trio of DC’s most iconic plant-based superheroes and villains, it becomes clear that this situation is far more than it first appeared to be. It’s not a simple case of missing children but rather a cosmic-level threat led by a surprising face. As the truth of John Constantine’s involvement in the world under Gotham is revealed, Kyle comes into his own as a hero. The cat-human boy hybrid has been the most interesting part of the story, as he might become Terry’s first real partner in the field—assuming that both of them survive a cosmic battle for Gotham. On the surface, Donovan Lumos, the corrupt metahuman corporate titan, puts his plan into action—and accidentally potentially unleashes an apocalypse just in time for the final issue. This series may be a bit too chaotic at times, but it’s definitely an interesting ride.

  • 80

    Batman Beyond: Neo-Gothic has evolved past being simply a Batman Beyond story and more a story of two halves of Gotham fighting for survival, and that’s part of what’s made the series so fascinating. Neo-Gothic #5 is the epitome of this struggle, with the larger scale battle taking precedence over the narrower beginnings of the story. That’s not a bad thing though at all, and it’s impressive how well writers Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing weave those grander elements into the story. The Green and John Constantine’s roles in this could easily derail the whole thing, but Kelly and Lanzing keep the plane on course and the goal in sight. Artist Max Dunbar and colorist Rain Beredo have a field day with those elements by the way, and the battles sequences in this issue are off the charts, especially when Constantine is involved. I’m curious to see how this plane lands, but Neo-Gothic has never failed me yet, so I’m not betting against it now.

  • 25


    Batman Beyond: Neo-Gothic #5 is a bad comic. What once was a series that relied on spectacle over substance doesn’t even have spectacle to rely on anymore. The plot beats are a mix of disposable afterthoughts and bewilderingly bad narrative decisions. Anyone who is a fan of the classic DC characters featured in this issue will walk away either disappointed or angry at their mishandling. The saving grace is knowing that the story is almost over.

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