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Batman Beyond: Neo-Gothic #2 (of 6)

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In every city of light, there’s a place of near-total darkness where creatures of the night linger in the sewers beneath. Surrounded by bones of the hunted, this is the Beyond. Terry McGinnis comes face-to-face with Killer Croc, but what happens when all Croc sees is his next meal? He’s hungry, and angry, and Batman’s looking delicious. In a battle of epic proportions, Batman must enlist the help of Kyle the Catboi and his magic abilities, but will this be enough to get him out alive?

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    Batman Beyond: Neo-Gothic #2 continues to provide an exciting new adventure in the world of tomorrow. What happens when you have a giant monster fight underneath a city? The Gotham quake of ’98 is about to seem like a walk in the park as Croc’s Kaiju-sized threat is felt throughout the story. This colossal version of the character was perfectly redesigned by the creative team, adding a new layer to the terror below. Also, I’m thoroughly enjoying the dynamic between Terry and Kyle, and look forward to seeing how this partnership continues to evolve. Lastly, we are about to learn more about who/what was buried in the rubble of the old city, as the Court of Owls are poised to make their return!

  • 100

    Batman Beyond: Neo-Gothic delivered everything you could want in a debut, and issue #2 somehow meets that absurdly high bar and even manages to raise the stakes. Writers Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing have already made Kyle one of my favorite new character additions of 2023, and he only continues to endear himself through his interactions with Terry (and that whole magic thing ain’t too shabby either). Terry’s own realizations of Bruce’s actions and just how far they go provides a welcome aura of mystery and internal conflict as well. That said, you’d be forgiven for not noticing any of that during your first read, as it’s difficult not to be completely absorbed by the wonderful artwork of Max Dunbar and colors of Sebastian Cheng. Their work on Killer Croc is just jaw dropping, turning what is typically one of Batman’s more challenging opponents into a Kaiju-size threat that commands your attention in every single appearance. With that massive hook at the end topping things off, Neo-Gothic #2 is just too damn good, and you should absolutely be reading this series.

  • 96


    A really fun issue that does a great job of moving the story forward and ends with a big reveal about who the tomb belongs too.

  • 92

    Comic Watch

    Batman Beyond: Neo-Gothic #2 is an exciting, high energy issue that’s strong on action. The entire creative ups their game. This is an issue that readers who aren’t reading Batman Beyond should check out.

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    Geek Dad

    The first issue of this series introduced us to a terrifying world under Gotham, populated by human-animal hybrids and guarded by a monstrous Killer Croc. However, this week adds a new wrinkle to the story, as it seems this whole thing ties into the mysterious new supernatural villain who Bruce managed to defeat in Batman: The Brave and the Bold #4 this week—and as Terry and his new cat-boy ally descend deeper, it becomes clear this is far more than just a collecting place for the unfortunates of Gotham. Lanzing and Kelly seem to be setting this up as the story of one of Bruce’s darkest mistakes, and the ending indicates we’re looking at the return of one of the deadliest villains in Gotham’s history. While the story topside involving Donovan Lumos’ gentrification scheme isn’t quite as compelling as the things in the underground, this series continues to impress and deliver a compelling vision of a future Gotham.

  • 78

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Batman Beyond: Neo-Gothic #2 continues an intriguing story presenting new characters and familiar characters in a new way. Killer Croc’s revamp is epic and he presents a true threat to Batman. There are even more mysteries to be uncovered next issue, such as the big reveal at the end of this issue, and who might be involved with it. There could also be more to the magic Catboi as well that could play a larger role in the story.

  • 70

    Dark Knight News

    Batman Beyond: Neo-Gothic #2 brings us intense action and a fascinating new character, all wrapped up in the same new but familiar look into a futuristic Gotham. The creative team has done wonders in telling a new Batman story with things that deeply excite readers who know the deepest secrets of DC comics.

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    Batman Beyond: Neo-Gothic #2 manages to pivot towards an approach to its story that resonates on a personal level. Still too much time is given to pontificating monologues, but when it’s able to let the characters be characters, it succeeds. Its intriguing journey and exciting action sequences are only somewhat dampened by an ever more ill-suited anthropomorphic sidekick.

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